"Avocado" Balz-Johnson
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Fox River

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John Doe

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Daniel Allar

"Avocado" Balz-Johnson was a prisoner at Fox River State Penitentiary who was assigned as Tweener's cellmate by Bellick. He caused Tweener considerable distress and was the reason why Tweener ultimately decided to escape with Michael Scofield. After Bellick was imprisoned in the second season, Avocado became his cellmate.


Season 1

Tweener was assigned as a cellmate with Avocado after he was not able to give information on Michael Scofield and his escape plan to Bellick. It was hinted that Tweener was sexually harassed by Avocado as Avocado has "pulled the curtains" of the cell. (1x17) Desperate, Tweener castrated Avocado with a hidden razor blade. Avocado claimed the incident was an accident so he could deal with Tweener himself once he recovered. (1x19) Avocado could never deal with him as Tweener had escaped before Avocado returned to his cell. (1x21)

Season 2

Avocado with Bellick in his cell

Avocado then shared a cell with Bellick after Bellick was accused of murdering Roy Geary. Avocado showed respect to Bellick, especially after Bellick assaulted Banks. Bellick once asked him for help to fight against Banks and his gang but Avocado refused. After that Bellick was set free by Mahone. (2x13) (2x14)


Season 1

Season 2


  • "Avocado" is the name of a tree and its fruit from Central America, no doubt given this nickname for the shape of his stomach.
  • "Avacado" is derived from the Latin word for testicle. "Balz" is also similar to the word "balls," a nickname for testicales. "Johnson" is also a slang for "penis." These are connected to his raping of Tweener.


  • Later on, Tweener was killed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Agent Mahone, and then was attempted to make it looked like a suicide. (2x7) Thus, Avocado never had dealt with Tweener.
  • Avocado's cells were cell 13 and cell 88.

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