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Current Status:   Alive
Crime(s):   Unknown
Sentence:   Unknown
Incarcerated in:   Fox River
Portrayed by:  
Unknown voice actor (Deutch)
Unknown voice actor (French)

"Avocado" Balz-Johnson is a character who appears in Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game).


Prison Break - The ConspiracyEdit

A prisoner inside Fox River; Avocado attacked Special Agent Paxton before he get in his cell for unknown reason he grab him against the cell door before being knocked out by Paxton. Later Avocado was spotted by Paxton while he was in the infirmary in waiting for the doc before doing a nerves crisis, he became extremely violent but was kicked by C.O Jones.



  • Avocado seems to have nerves problems.
  • Actor Daniel Allar didn't do his voice, because he died before the new game was made.
  • Avocado's appearances is slightly different: he doesn't have a beard and seems more stronger.

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