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Adrian Rix

Current Status:   Deceased
First appearance:   1x1
Last appearance:   1x8
Manner of Death:   Shot by Paul Kellerman

Adrian Rix was married to Lisa Rix after she and Lincoln divorced. LJ expressed a dislike for him ever since they met, even though Adrian was a good guy (LJ was having problems with his real father as well). Adrian argued with LJ during a riot at Fox River about Lincoln and even struck LJ in the face. LJ angrily accused Lisa of loving Adrian more than him, and left the room in a huff. A few hours later, after Lisa and Adrian had gone shopping agents Paul and Danny arrived at Lisa's house with the intention of murdering LJ to keep Lincoln on death now. Danny shot and killed Lisa, and LJ  threatened to dial 911 but instead he took a picture of Kellerman. Paul was about to kill LJ, but Adrian struck him from behind with a baseball bat and told LJ to run. Kellerman responded by shooting Adrian in the chest, killing him instantly. LJ fled the scene as soon as possible and called the authorities on the agents. However LJ was accused of double homicide as Kellerman skillfully put LJs fingerprints on the murder weapon, the gun,which made it look like he killed his parents not the agents.


Season 1Edit



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