Schweitzer Allen 11121147 is a tattoo on Michael's arm. Schweitzer is the make of toilet in cell 40, Allen is the type of fittings attaching it to the wall, and 11121147 is the bolt Michael grinds into an Allen wrench to get the toilet off the wall in Fox River.

Allen 11121147


In the episode Allen, Michael Scofield steals the bolt from T-Bag's bleachers. T-Bag takes the bolt and gives it to his boyfriend. Michael gets it back when a racially charged riot erupts and T-Bag's boyfriend is killed. T-Bag enters a vendetta against Michael because he believes Michael killed his boyfriend. Meanwhile, Michael grinds the bolt against the floor to make its end into the hexagon of an Allen wrench, which he then uses to unscrew the toilet from the wall. 


  • Allen (First appearance)


  1. Allen is the fitting attaching the toilet to the wall, Schweitzer is the kind of toilet, and 11121147 is the bolt Michael needs to make an Allen wrench to unscrew the toilet.
  2. Allen el tipo de llave con la que esta fijado el inodoro a la pared, Schweitzer es el tipo de inodoro y 11121147 es el perno de Michael necesita para hacer una llave Allen para desatornillar el inodoro.

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