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Alphonso Gallego
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Bang and Burn

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The Art of the Deal

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Alphonso Gallego is the father of Tracy McGrady.



Alphonso shares a close relationship with his son, Luis. He seems to have visited Sona on multiple occasions, particularly on Luis's birthdays.

Season 3Edit

Alphoso appears for the first time during Bang and Burn to visit, as it is Luis's birthday. He expresses his sadness over his son's situation, but Luis tells him off. Alphonso is then tasked to relay a message from Michael, warning Lincoln about an ambush by Company operatives.

Alphonso is later seen contacting Lincoln, who instructs him to drive a getaway Suburban. They plan to meet at the pier near boat 312. As Alphonso arrives there, however, the boat is still there, since Sucre is being detained at Sona at this time (his cover identity had an outstanding arrest warrant). He then proceeds to drive the boat himself and searches for Michael and his son, eventually finding them hanging on to a buoy.

Reunited with Luis, the two part ways with Michael and make their way to Colombia. At Irgandi, 200 kilometers away from the Panamanian-Colombian border, they are stopped by a police roadblock. Alphonso manages to throw them off by showing his truck loaded with fertilizer. It is later revealed that Luis was hiding in a specially modified crawlspace within the truck.

Father and son eventually make it to Acandi, Colombia. Alphonso leads a rather gloomy looking Luis through a large door, where he is surprised by a large group of friends and family (including Luis's mother), who have already prepared a Welcome Home party for Luis. Luis is then shown seeing a real basketball hoop (as opposed to the fake one painted on a Sona wall, which he kept practicing with), and he smiles.



  • Alphonso has only met Lincoln, Michael and Whistler.
    • Alphonso was standing next to Sophia Lugo, since Whistler had at the same a visit as Luis (McGrady).
  • Alphonso is the only father seen from a special group (The Sona Seven), who isn't a main character excluding Aldo Burrows. Bellick's father was mentioned, but wasn't seen, T-Bag's father appeared in a flashback (and not in real time) and Sucre's father wasn't seen.
  • Alphonso saved the Sona Seven in the boat which Sucre was supposed to be in.
    • Coincidentally, both were at a time seen at the fence and both were somehow involved in the escape plan (Alphonso saved the Sona Seven, while Sucre was putting Kessivol on the fence, where they escaped from.).
      • Ironically, Sucre would become later a part of the Sona Seven.

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