Pb 305 03

Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   3x5
Portrayed by:   F.J. Rio

Augusto is Lechero's cousin. Lechero called him to check if there is anything big happening on the outside world. (3x3) He sent packages via Sucre to Sammy. Sucre, being a grave digger, had special advantages which were walking on No-Man's Land without being shot so he placed the package under a crate of foods on a van. These crates were then transported into the prison. Augusto gave Sucre five thousand dollars for doing this. The last package included a pistol to kill Lechero.




  • Both of his workers (Sucre and Sammy) were involved with each other indirectly. Sucre managed to get a gun in Sona, and Sammy later took it.
    • Ironically, Sammy later died in prison at the time working with him and Sucre was later sent to prison.

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