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Benecio Cruz
Biographical information

Benny Cruz


2011 or 2012



Cause of death:

Shot by Ray

Physical description





First appearance:

Cruz Control

Last appearance:

Cruz Control

Episode count:




Other information
Portrayed by:

Kevin Alejandro[2]

Benecio Cruz is a criminial in the Breakout Kings series.



  • Benencio is the first criminial of Breakout Kings season 2, who's full name has been revealed.
  • Benecio was revealed on 15 November 2011 as upcoming criminial.
  • Benencio is the first Breakout Kings main villain to be killed by Ray Zancanelli.
  • Benicio is the third Breakout Kings main villain who doesn't get killed by Charlie DuChamp. The others are Pat Duffy and Victor Mannion.
  • Benecio's escape is similar to that as August Tillman's escape (Pilot) or Theodore Bagwell's escape (The Bag Man).
  • Benecio is the second Breakout Kings main villain who ends up being dead by a main character, while escaping from prison. The first one was Brent Howson.
  • Benecio was captured on 3 December 2006 (as it was 3/12/2006 in the episode).
    • Xavier Price was captured 6 years exactly after Benecio Cruz capture in 2006.
  • Benecio's escape is at least as much as Theodore Bagwell's absence from 5 or 6 year until he escaped again.
  • Benecio, just like his murder (Ray) has a tattoo. Ray has it own his arm, while Benecio had it in his neck.
  • Benecio is the 3rd character who has an episode named after himself. The first one is Theodore Bagwell (The Bag Man) and Carmen Vega (Where in the World is Carmen Vega).
  • Benecio is the third main villain who has killed 7 people. The first one is Theodore Bagwell (even before Breakout Kings, during Prison Break and during Breakout Kings) and Virgil Downing (who also killed people prior Breakout Kings).

Notes and referencesEdit

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