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Black Hitman

Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game)
Last appearance:   Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game)

The Black Hitman was a character from Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game) whose role was deleted. He used to appeared through Screenshot and in the release trailer of the game. Acting as a hitman and a member of C-Note's gang.


Prison Break - The ConspiracyEdit

The Black hitman first appeared through promotional screenshot showing him talking with fellow inmate C-Note the release trailer showed him in a deleted scene in the game: walking through Burrows; Scofield and Sucre a shank in his hand before being beaten by Paxton by a fly kick if Paxton is defending the brothers it's assume that the scene had to take place after Paxton's meeting with Aldo Burrows. Although all this scene has been deleted he appeared only once in the final version of the game: when Bellick came to tell Paxton that he have a visitor from the FBI, when he leave the cell a close up on the Black Hitman's face can be seen. He appeared to be just next Paxton's cell.



  • The role of this inmate is unknown, as the game showed him literally:
    • He can be another Company's asset in Fox River.
    • He was maybe engaged by C-Note to killed the brother which is probably and certainly untrue.
    • He was probably hired by Trumpets the new leader of C-Note gang to kill the people who turned out their former leader.

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