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Bo Cowler is a woman who works in the Miami-Dade Penitentiary Women's Facility.


Prison Break - The Final BreakEdit

When Sara did feel herself not really good, Daddy said that Sara could go to the doctor. This was, because the guards earlier did beat her up (Bo wasn't there at that time). She was later seen with Alice Simms and they talked behind Michael and Sara about them. At the showers, she did talk with Gretchen Morgan and the 2 possible kissed off-screen. Later, she was seen with Sara, when she brought her to Daddy. Daddy asked her to get a job, which Sara accepted. This resulted in Daddy's wife jealosy from Daddy asking attention from Sara. later, Gretchen was flirting with her, and this resulted in the escape from Sara Tancredi and the death of Michael scofield, when she was attacked and Skittlez tried to strangle Daddy to death, which didn't happen, because the guards were on time.

After the Final BreakEdit

It's not known if she was fired for her lesbian relationship with Gretchen Morgan, which resulted in the escape of Sara Tancredi and the death of Michael Scofield.



Bo Cowler and Alice Simms are watching at Michael and Sara.
  • Bo Cowler is either gay or bisexual: she had a relationship with Gretchen Morgan, but it's not confirmed if she likes men as well.
  • When Sara didn't feel good, Daddy said to "Bo" that Sara should go to the doctor. Then Bo said that "Cowler" did found it good that Sara was going to the doctor.
  • Bo has only met Sara and Gretchen.
    • Bo saw Michael when she was behind a window.
  • Bo is younger than her boss, Alice, who is at least 50. She is older than Michael, who is 31. Thus making her age around 35/45. In the Breakout Kings universe, she would be 41/51.

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