This are all the events of Brad Bellick during season 1.

Brad Bellick's most horrific offence, was the murder of a Jewish inmate who called him a 'fat pig' as a result of Brad Bellick refusing to eat Kosher meat. This was shown on the bonus episode in season one, which was a filler episode titled 'Captain Jew-slayer Bellick strikes'.

It later transpires that Bellick hates the St Louis Blues team. Not only because he's from Illinois, but because the 'blues' rhymes with 'Jews'. This leads Bellick to believe that the majority of their fans are from the Jewish community.

In a flashback before Bellick acquires his job at Fox River penitentiary, Bellick is shown participating in the massacre of thousands of St Louis Blues fans whilst chanting 'the Blues Jews lose!'.

Brad Bellick was cruel to inmate David 'Tweener' Apolskis, as he believed that his first name was a reference to the star of David, making him Jewish. Bellick is known to be somewhat unintelligent, however his understanding of irony was profound. He used his CO badge which is the shape of the star, to kill multiple Jewish inmates. Using it as a throwing star he laughed as their sacred star was used to tear them to shreds.

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