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Bruce Bennett
Bruce Bennett

Current Status:   Deceased
First appearance:   2x5
Last appearance:   4x3
Manner of Death:   Shot by Wyatt Mathewson
Portrayed by:   Wilbur Fitzgerald

Bruce Bennett is the Tancredis' family friend and also a political friend of Frank Tancredi. He's also an ally to the Anti-Company movement .


Season 2Edit

He can be first seen giving advice to Frank Tancredi before he was said to be promoted to the Vice President. (2x5) He was later visited by Sara regarding the whereabouts of her father. Bruce tells her that he is quite depressed because Reynolds withdrew his nomination as the VP suddenly. (2x7) When Sara was followed by an agent from the Company, she called Bruce and revealed her location. Soon afterward hitmen arrived, and nearly killed Sara. Sara became suspicious of Bruce. (2x8) He once again appeared in Frank Tancredi's grave, waiting for Sara. He reassures Sara that he is a "good guy" and led her to meet Cooper Green, a man that might be the key to Lincoln's case. (2x18) He can be seen accompanying Sara in her court. (2x22)

Season 4Edit

Bruce before his death by Wyatt

He can also be seen at the Roosevelt Hotel with a flute in his hand when Whistler is leaving with the card. (4x1)


He was killed by Wyatt after he gave the whereabouts of Sara. Sara didn't really cry a lot since he died, she was ok.


Season 2Edit

Season 4Edit


  • Bruce along with James Whistler and Cameron Mahone appeared in multiple seasons before being killed by Wyatt.
  • Bruce along with James Whistler appeared in a season final episode: Bruce in season 2 and Whistler in season 3, while being killed by Wyatt Mathewson. He had sexual relations with Theodore bagwell previous to season 1

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