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Cameron Mahone
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Shot by Wyatt

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2, 3, 4

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Bad Blood

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Cameron Mahone was the son of Alexander Mahone and his ex-wife, Pam Mahone. He was killed by Wyatt Mathewson, Alexander Mahone later killed him in revenge.


Season 2

Cameron was first mentioned when William Kim said that Mahone has a son named Cameron, and Mahone attempted to strangel him to death[1]. Cameron was hit by a car by Agent Blondie. Cameron ended up in a hospital and later, Mahone called him by phone[2].

Season 3

Mahone got a letter in Sona and it was a picture of Cameron Mahone. Mahone asked Lincoln to put the picture of Cameron in his bag. Lincoln said he could screw away[3].

Season 4

Cameron was seen with Pamela Mahone, his mother who called and said everything was alright. Cameron was later in his house with his mother, but Wyatt Mathewson heard him and shot him dead[4].


Mahone did later broke in the house of Stuart Tuxhorn and saw Stuart Tuxhorn's son, while he thought about his son Cameron[5]. Felicia Lang later brought the bodyparts of Cameron to Mahone. Lincoln said that he would help him with taking revenge on the murder of Mahone's son[6]. After Wyatt Mathewson was taking down by the Scylla Team, Lincoln attacked and Sara talked to him, which didn't matter, until Mahone came, and talked about his son, Cameron, who he shot death. Mahone told him where he killed his son and tortured him there. Mahone eventually killed Wyatt to tak revenge on his son's death[7]. Cameron's name later briefly appeared on Michael Scofield's list and Mahone talked about him briefly, if there was the place where General Jonathan Krantz ordered the death of him[8].


Cameron after being attacked.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


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