Caroline Reynolds's Granddaughter

Current Status:   Alive
Family:   Caroline Reynolds (Grandmother), Brother
First appearance:   Allen
Last appearance:   Allen
Portrayed by:   Ashley Boetcher

She remains unnamed, and is the granddaughter of Caroline Reynolds.


Season 1Edit

She is seen running around, and later watching T.V. with her brother at her grandmother's cottage in Trinidad, Colorado. Caroline Reynolds provides her grandchildren with snacks as she speaks on the phone with Paul Kellerman about Veronica Donovan's interest in Lincoln Burrows case.

Caroline Reynolds with her Grandchildren

Caroline Reynolds with her Grandchildren.



  • Terrence Steadman could possibly be her grandfather since he and his sister were involved in an incestuous relationship.
  • Reynold's granddaughter is credited as 'Garlic Cutter's Grandchild'.

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