This is the transcript from the episode Cell Test.

Season 1, Episode 3 - "Cell Test"

Written by: Paul Scheuring and Michael Pavone

Starring: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell and Robin Tunney

Act 1Edit

[Shed near courtyard, carrying on from the last episode, Michael squirms and breaths very heavily having just had two of his toes cut off, Abruzzi's cronies hold him down, one of them laughs as blood drips onto the floor from Michael's foot. Mack enters]

MACK: Williamson, get in here. [To Abruzzi] What the hell happened?

ABRUZZI: [Picking up a sock and covering Michael's wound with it] An accident.

[Michael is carried out by two prison guards, Bellick enters]

BELLICK: [To Abruzzi's cronies] Get out. [To Abruzzi] I thought you said you were gonna have a conversation with him.

ABRUZZI: Yeah, I did. Things... escalated.

[Skips to Michael being carried, half-hopping, into the infirmary to be treated]

SARA: Bring him on into the room. Kathy, I'm gonna need 10 CCs of (????).

[Sara, Michael and 3 security guards enter Sara's room in the infirmary]

PRISON GUARD: [Out of shot] Matthews, clean up this blood, stat.

SARA: Thanks, guys, I'll take it from here.

[The prison guards stand around doing nothing]

SARA: I said thank you, I'll take it from here.

[One of the security guards drops Michael's shoe on the floor and they all walk out]


MICHAEL: Okay. Let's take a look at you.

[Sara unravels the blood-soaked cloth from Michael's foot, two of his toes have been cut off. Michael squirms, crying and leans back]

SARA: What happened?

MICHAEL: Nothing.

SARA: This isn't nothing, Michael, I need you to tell me what happened.

MICHAEL: Don't make me lie to you. Please.

[Skips to infirmary, Bellick mumbling something inaudible to Mack and another prison guard]

PRISON GUARD: Yeah, no problem.

MACK: Yes, sir.

[Sara enters]

SARA: I think you better have a (????) start an investigation.

BELLICK: [Taking his hat off] Oh, there's no need. We know what happened.

SARA: Er, perhaps you'd be good enough to enlighten me?

BELLICK: Well, there was a pair of gardening shears left on the floor of the shed. Evidently, he stepped on 'em.

SARA: Blade went right through his boot, huh?


SARA: So, er, why wasn't the boot still on his foot?

BELLICK: Like I said, doc... we got it taken care of.

[Bellick puts his hat back on]

BELLICK: [To prison guards] Let's go.

[Bellick exits, the other prison guards follow. Skips to Michael's cell, Michael lies on his bunk with a bandaged foot, it looks like he can't sleep]

[Courtyard, Michael is raking the grass, he has a bad limp. Lincoln is at a fence in the secluded area near Michael. Lincoln slams his hands against the fence]

LINCOLN: I'm gonna kill that scum.

MICHAEL: You won't. You kill him, you kill our express ticket out of here.

LINCOLN: Look what he did to you. You're not gonna last a second in this place unless I do something about it.

MICHAEL: You ever hear of Top Flight Charters?


MICHAEL: They operate flights from small airfields across the midwest. Like the one 10 miles from here. They're run by a shell corporation Abruzzi owns. We get him on board, there's gonna be a midnight flight waiting for us the night we get outside those walls.

LINCOLN: You're willing to risk the entire escape on a guy you don't even know?

MICHAEL: Preparation can only take you so far. After that, you've got to take a few leaps of faith.

[Lincoln slams his hands on the fence again, then walks a few steps the other way]

LINCOLN: Abruzzi's a huge leap of faith, Michael.

MICHAEL: I'm not talking about Abruzzi. There's someone else who holds the key to this entire thing. With him, it either works or it doesn't. Problem is, couldn't know who that was until he got in here.

[Michael looks at Sucre who is being led somewhere by two prison guards]

LINCOLN: Sucre? You can't be serious. The guy's a thief, Michael, he can't be trusted.

MICHAEL: We're gonna have to trust him because he's my cellmate.

LINCOLN: How well do you know him?

MICHAEL: Not as well as a man can in a week.

LINCOLN: You tell him, he tells everyone, we're done. You know that, right?

MICHAEL: If we don't get him on board, there's not gonna be any digging in that cell, and if there's no digging in that cell... then there's no escape.

[Courtyard, Sucre is using a payphone]

AUTOMATED PHONE MESSAGE: Thank you for calling. Please leave a message after the tone. [Beep]

SUCRE: Maricruz, it's me, baby, are you there? Pick up if you're there, mami. I've been in the Shoe. I've been thinking about you. About your body. God, I've been thinking about your body.

[Mrs Delgado picks up the phone at the other end]


SUCRE: Er, Mrs Delgado, hi, how you doing? It's me, Fernando. Um, sorry to bother you at home but, um, do you know what's up with Maricruz's cellphone? It just keeps going straight to voicemail.

MRS DELGADO: Maybe she has it turned off.

SUCRE: Um, any chance you know where she is?

MRS DELGADO: I know exactly where she is.

SUCRE: And that'll be?

MRS DELGADO: With Hector.

SUCRE: Hector?

MRS DELGADO: That's right. They're at the mall, I think.

SUCRE: I don't suppose next time you see her you could have her turn her phone back on? Mrs Delgado, I know you don't like me but I love your daughter and she loves me. We're gonna get married, you know?

MRS DELGADO: If you were a decent man and you really loved her, you'd let her live her life.

SUCRE: What's that supposed to mean?

MRS DELGADO: I'll tell her you called.

[Mrs Delgado hangs up. Sucre slams the phone against the side of the payphone box and then hangs up angrily. Skips to Sucre lying on his bunk looking at a picture of himself and Maricruz. Michael lies on his black. Flashback - Michael's apartment, Michael paces back and forth studying his masterplan, the words 'CELL TEST' are on a Post-it note. Back in Michael's cell, he picks up a mobile phone and plays with it]

[Prison workshop, an inmate is grinding some metal when T-Bag enters holding a book]

T-BAG: I'm looking to do some damage.

INMATE(?): Well, you've come to the right place.

T-BAG: I want to do it slow. [Leans in close] Inflict the maximum amount of pain so a guy wishes he just died, or get it over with but just can't quite get there.

INMATE(?): Oh, I got that.

[They both smile]

INMATE(?): I got that.

[The inmate retrieves an extremely jagged, specifically designed knife from under a work unit and holds it for T-Bag to see, out of view of the security camera]

INMATE(?): I call it The Gutter. You jam it up there in the stomach and these bits right here hook the intestines, you give it a pull back... the poor sucker's guts are hanging of his stomach and he'll get a real good look at 'em 'cause the wound's not fatal. At least, not until the infection sets in.

[The inmate passes the blade to T-Bag, who hides it inside the book he's carrying]

T-BAG: [Whispering] You're one sick puppy. You know that?

[T-Bag pats him on the shoulder and walks way]

INMATE(?): [Whispering] Thank you.

[Visiting room, Michael walks in, Veronica is waiting for him at a table, she stands up as he limps over]

VERONICA: What happened?

MICHAEL: I'm okay.

[They both sit down]

VERONICA: They've gotten to you, haven't they? The other prisoners. My God, Michael, this place is gonna kill you.

MICHAEL: You said you talked to a woman. What was her name?

VERONICA: Leticia.

MICHAEL: Leticia Barris?

VERONICA: How do you know?

MICHAEL: A year ago, I was doing exactly what you're doing. Trying to find out the truth. It's a bottomless pit, Veronica. They designed it that way. So that by the time you got to the bottom of it, Lincoln would be dead.

VERONICA: Why didn't you tell me you were doing this?

MICHAEL: Once the day was set, once that final appeal had been rejected, he had 60 days to live. I figured I could play their game and watch him die in the process, or I could take matters into my own hands.

VERONICA: You don't have to do that. Leticia knows something, I can get it out of her, maybe we can reopen Lincoln's case.

MICHAEL: What did she tell you?

VERONICA: She said that somebody else was behind the killing of the vice-president's brother.


VERONICA: She got spooked, she took off before I could get anything out of her.

[The bells rings to signal the end of visiting time. Michael and Veronica stand]

VERONICA: She's holed up in the Elysian Fields Projects, I'm gonna go see her this afternoon.

MICHAEL: Place is dangerous. You should take someone with you.


MICHAEL: Fiancé would be a good place to start.

VERONICA: I think that's probably the last thing in the world Sebastian would ever want to do.

MICHAEL: It's good to see you.

VERONICA: You, too.

[Veronica exits]

[Probation office, a probation officer, Jenae, sits down opposite LJ and Lisa]

JENAE: No priors, a good student, then you get yourself arrested for intent to sell. Did life get a little boring?

LJ: It was stupid. It won't happen again.

JENAE: Well, we're all here to make sure of that. I took some time to speak to your mother before you came in. She told me that there were some... some extenuating circumstances in your life, right-

LJ: If you're talking about that guy at Fox River, he's got nothing to do with this.

LISA: He refuses to call him his father.

LJ: The world would be a better place without him.


JENAE: It's clear to me you've got a lot of anger, young man. Misdirected, it could land you in the wrong place. So, to make sure that doesn't happen, you're gonna have to check in with me once a week. Fridays. One hour. Your attendance at school and your grades are to be pristine.

LJ: Absolutely.

JENAE: And to give you a real good idea where that anger of yours will get you if you don't reign it in, I'm signing you up for the Scare It Straight program at Fox River. You'll have a mentor who you'll work with weekly. It'll give you a little perspective.

LJ: A mentor?

JENEA: Your father.

[Fox River, Michael and Sucre are on P.I painting, Michael opens a small power box, makes sure no prison guards are looking and wraps up the mobile phone from earlier in a cloth]

SUCRE: Tell me that ain't what I think it is.

MICHAEL: [Putting the phone in the power box] It ain't what you think it is.

SUCRE: Fish. A cell phone in here? That's criminal sin number 1. They can tack to years onto your bit, automatic.

MICHAEL: If they catch you.

SUCRE: Man, you know what kind of trouble I can get for just knowing what I know?

MICHAEL: Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.

SUCRE: Now, that means you can make calls whenever you want, right?

MICHAEL: I don't like the look in your eye. What's in there, you never saw it. Got it?

[Michael exits]

[Lincoln's cell, the Pope stands with free prison guards, one of the prison guards hands Lincoln a piece of paper]

POPE: Why didn't you include any names?

LINCOLN: Why would I want anyone to watch me die?

POPE: I've seen it happen a number of ways. Some people want to go it alone, others have grandio statements they want to make, but most want some member of their family there before they leave this world.

LINCOLN: I'll do it alone.

POPE: Son, in my opinion, all inmates who have made that choice have deeply regretted it in their final minutes. I'll, um... Leave it blank for now. You have 4 weeks now. You should give it some thought.

[The Pope places the sheet of paper on Lincoln's bed and exits, as do the prison guards]

[Elysian Fields Project, Veronica enters a block of apartments, as she goes to climb up the first set of stairs, she walks past a woman]

VERONICA: Hi, um, I'm looking for Leticia Barris.


VERONICA: Thank you.

[Veronica walks up the stairs and apartment 5 is the first door on her left, the doors is ajar, Veronica walks in]


[Leticia jumps out from behind a wall and points a gun at Veronica, Veronica is startled]

LETICIA: Don't you move a muscle.

Act 2Edit

[Elysuan Field Project, apartment 5, back to Leticia pointing a gun at Veronica]

VERONICA: Take it easy, Leticia.

LETICIA: You're working with them, aren't you? You think I'm stupid, lady? I hear the clicks on my phone, I see the cars out there on the street.

VERONICA: I know you're scared. I am, too, but, please, put the gun down.

[Veronica sees that Leticia has some bags packed]

VERONICA: Where you going?

LETICIA: Ireland. What difference does it make?

VERONICA: It makes all the difference, nobody's ever gotten your testimony.

LETICIA: That's exactly the reason I'm still breathing.

[Leticia carries on packing her bags]

VERONICA: I'm not with them, Leticia, you have to believe me.

LETICIA: Oh, yeah? Then what you sneaking in here for?

VERONICA: I thought maybe they'd gotten to you.

LETICIA: Oh, yeah. And why do you care so much about my well-being all of a sudden?

VERONICA: I don't.

LETICIA: Finally, an honest answer.

VERONICA: But maybe you can save Lincoln. And maybe you can bring down the guys who killed your boyfriend in the process. If somebody killed you and Crab could have done something to the guys who did it, you think he would've?

LETICIA: I'm not as strong as he was. I can't take those people on.

VERONICA: I'll take 'em on. All you have to do is come to my office and tell me what you know. I'll type it up, you can sign the affidavit and split. I'll take you to the airport myself.

[Fox River, Sucre is looking at the box that Michael put the phone in. Skips to courtyard, Lincoln sees Sucre talking to a group of people in Mexican, it looks a lot like he's talking about a cell phone. Skips to Lincoln being led into the solitary confinement unit by a prison guard. Bellick is at the end of the hall speaking to another prison guard]

LINCOLN: Bellick.

BELLICK: Hey, what's up, Lincoln?

[Bellick walks over to Lincoln]

LINCOLN: I want some extra time outside for the next couple of weeks.

BELLICK: [Laughs] Paint fumes and P.I must be getting to you.

LINCOLN: Cell phones allowed in here?

[Bellick lifts his hat up]


LINCOLN: Etxra time outside. A couple of cigarettes.

BELLICK: Half hour, one week, one cigarette.

[Lincoln nods and walks into his cell]

LINCOLN: Know a con named Sucre?

[Bellick shuts the cell door]

[Visiting room, Abruzzi sits with Falzone]

FALZONE: This is what I don't understand, John. Otto Fibonacci fingers you, he put you in prison for life, yet you ace like you don't even want to find out where he is.

ABRUZZI: That's not true, Philly.

FALZONE: Well, maybe it's 'cause you don't think you have anything to lose, you know? You're already locked up, you know, maybe you, um... maybe you like it here. I mean, I don't know.

[ Abruzzi laughs]

FALZONE: But what I do know is that if Fibonacci testifies next month, you and I are gonna be neighbours, and I am not going to let that happen.

ABRUZZI: I don't think you would fit in here, Philly. [Laughs] Fancy shoes, and ties, and shirts. [Laughs]

FALZONE: I think you're right so, er, so let's cut to the chase. Did you break this kid? Did he tell you where Fibonacci is?

[Abruzzi takes a small box out of his shirt pocket and slides it across the table to Falzone]

FALZONE: What is this?

ABRUZZI: It's a little gift from me to you.

[Falzone opens the box and looks inside]

FALZONE: Are these his?

ABRUZZI: Yeah, he won't crack.

FALZONE: [Sighs] Well, perhaps you should consider using a different methodology then, John. From what I gather, there are far worse threats in prison other than bodily harm.

ABRUZZI: What happened to the days when you used to trust me, Philly, that I would get things done?

FALZONE: Those were the days when you actually did get things done, John.

[Abruzzi's son and daughter are escorted in by a man in a suit, they run over to Abruzzi]

ABRUZZI'S KIDS: Daddy! Daddy!

[Abruzzi's daughter sits on his lap]

ABRUZZI'S DAUGHTER: Did you hear the news?

Abruzzi: What? What news? [Laughs nervously]

ABRUZZI DAUGHTER: We're going to stay with Uncle Philly at the lake for a few weeks.

FALZONE: [To Abruzzi's daughter] Yeah, we're gonna have a good time. [Laughs] You're right, John. Maybe you're right. I do trust you. Now, you're gonna take care of that thing, aren't you?

[Fox River, Bellick fills out a form and then walks into a room containing Sucre]

BELLICK: How are those boneyard visits going with that girlfriend of yours? I imagine pretty good, huh? You know, visitation rules stipulate that conjugals are only for more married couples.

SUCRE: We're engaged. Besides, I got that coming to me 'cause I ain't caused no stack in this place. Please, don't debt my conjugals.

BELLICK: I won't.

SUCRE: Thank you.

BELLICK: But in exchange, you have to tell me where that cell phone is.

SUCRE: [Looking at Sucre anxiously] Cell phone?

BELLICK: Don't play stupid with me, I'm giving you the chance to save your precious conjugals. You lie to me, they're gone and they're never coming back. Now, where's that cell phone?

[Long pause]

[Fox River, Michael and Lincoln are on painting duty on P.I, Bellick enters followed by Sucre, Michael and Lincoln exchange looks and are tense Bellick and Sucre walk over]

BELLICK: Turner! Your transfer came in, they want you in administration.

[Bellick pats Sucre on the back who takes over Turner's job as he exits with Bellick]

LINCOLN: [To Michael] He didn't talk.

[Sucre walks over to Michael]

SUCRE: All I gotta say is I better get to make all the calls I want.

[Michael steps closer to Sucre and hands him the phone]

MICHAEL: Gonna be kinda hard.

[Sucre snaps the phone in half]

SUCRE: Soap?

[He throws the soap phone at Michael]

SUCRE: I lost my conjugals over soap?

MICHAEL: You may have lost your conjugals but I can do you one better. I can get you to her.

SUCRE: To Maricruz? You can get me to Maricruz?

MICHAEL: That's right.

SUCRE: Yeah? And how you gonna do that?

MICHAEL: We're breaking out of here.


MICHAEL: It starts in our cell.

SUCRE: In our cell.

[Michael ushers him further away from any guards that might catch wind of what they're talking about]

MICHAEL: To tell you the truth, it's already started.

[Lincoln picks up the broken pieces of the soap phone]

SUCRE: Ah... Are you crazy? You think I want to break out of here? 16 months from now, I'm out the gate. I'm getting married, papi, and I'm sure as hell as hell not doing it with no posse on my ass. I mean, I ought to beat you 6 ways 'til Sunday. I lost my conjugals, (Mexican word), because of your little bar of soap.

MICHAEL: I had to test you. See if you could keep a secret.

SUCRE: You want a secret? I got a secret for you, Fish. You dig in my cell when I'm there and I'm gonna split your wack. [Whispers a Mexican phrase and points at his head, probably meaning 'you got that?' Sucre exits]

LINCOLN: That went well.

Act 3Edit

[Veronica's office, Veronica is at her desk with her laptop in front of her, Leticia is sat on the arm of the chair opposite Veronica]

VERONICA: Why don't we start with Lincoln's relationship with your boyfriend?

LETICIA: Real simple. He owed my man 90 thousand and he wasn't getting it done. Then all of a sudden, it gets done. Crab walks up with 90K and a big ass smile on his face.

VERONICA: Who paid him?

LETICIA: Not Lincoln, they paid his marker.

VERONICA: Who's 'they'?

[Leticia looks at Veronica uncomfortably and then gets up and stands by the large windows staring out at the city]

VERONICA: It's alright, Leticia, I told you, you're safe here.

LETICIA: Crab bought this guy home, never seen him before. [We see the next events happen in a flashback as she talks about them] Crab did what he always did when he was doing big business, he told me to take a walk, that's exactly what I did. There was something about this guy though, he wasn't the kind of guy Crab usually dealt with.

[Back to Veronica's office]

VERONICA: What do you mean?

LETICIA: I couldn't put my finger on it 'til he went outside. Then I knew. [Flashback of Leticia looking out the window at a car and two men in suits walks over to it] He had that look.

VERONICA: What look?

LETICIA: You know... That they own the place. That they're untouchable. Like they're government.

[We see the two men are Kellerman and Hale. Back to Veronica's office]

VERONICA: So the government paid Lincoln's debt? Did Crab say what they wanted in return?


VERONICA: Alright. Er, just give me a moment to type this up.

[Leticia walks towards the door]

VERONICA: Where are you going?

LETICIA: I'm gonna have a smoke.

VERONICA: Look, this is only going to take me a minute.

LETICIA: So will the smoke.

[Leticia exits]

[Infirmary, Sara is checking up on Michael's foot as he lies back in the patient's chair]

SARA: No redness or swelling, so there's no sign of infection. I'll keep you on antibiotics for the next 10 days. Which should be good. [She finishes with his foot and gets up] Michael, you understand, by law, I'm obligated to file a report if I feel there's been prisoner misconduct. There's no way this injury happened by stepping on a blade in a garden shed.

MICHAEL: [Putting his sock and boot back on] If you file a report, things could get a lot worse for me.

SARA: They're not already?

MICHAEL: Not compared to what they could be. I've made some enemies.

SARA: Yeah. You scared?

[Michael gives Sara a look]

SARA: Men. Okay, um... here's what I think, I think you are scared. And you wouldn't be human if you weren't scared in a place like this.

[Michael finishes tying his lace]

MICHAEL: When I was young, I couldn't sleep at night because I thought there was a monster in the closet.

[Sara smiles]

MICHAEL: But my brother told me there wasn't anything in the closet but fear. And fear wasn't real. He said it wasn't made of anything, it was just... air. Not even that. He said you just have to face it. You just have to open that door and the monster would disappear.

SARA: Your brother sounds like a smart man.

MICHAEL: He is. In hear though, you face your fear, you open that door, and there's a hundred more doors behind it. And the monsters that are hiding behind them are all real.

SARA: If you want, I could recommend you be sent to ADSEC.

MICHAEL: [Climbing down from the chair] With the rape victims and the snitches.

SARA: It would keep you safe.

MICHAEL: Thanks, but I think I'd like to face the monsters on my own.

[Michael exits]

[Veronica's office, Veronica is typing on her laptop, someone enters]

VERONICA: Have a good smoke?

KELLERMAN: I don't smoke.

[Veronica looks up to see it's Kellerman, not Leticia. Kellerman smiles and sits down opposite Veronica]

KELLERMAN: Didn't mean to startle you. [Offers his hand and Veronica shakes it] Special Agent Kellerman, Secret Service. We've been informed that you obtained a copy of the surveillance tape entered as evidence in the Lincoln Burrows trial.

VERONICA: Is there a problem with that?

KELLERMAN: We're just following up.

VERONICA: Has there been some amendment to the Freedom of Information Act that I'm not aware of?

KELLERMAN: (Chuckles slightly) You know, when a prisoner gets close to the end of his time on death row, there's a lot of last minute-

VERONICA: I'm sorry, I still don't understand why this would be a problem for the Secret Service.

KELLERMAN: It's not. The prosecution made its case far beyond any reasonable doubt and we know that we have the right man. That being said, if you come across anything that could shed some light on his innocence... I'm offering my help.

VERONICA: (Unsincerely) Sounds great. I really appreciate you coming by.

[Kellerman and Veronica stand up and shake hands]

VERONICA: Do you have a card, Agent Kellerman?


[Kellerman takes a business card from inside his jacket and passed it to Veronica]

KELLERMAN: Don't hesitate to call.


[Kellerman exits. Veronica stands and thinks for a moment]

VERONICA: Leticia...

[Skips to Veronica in the hallway looking for Leticia, she opens a door to find a cigarette, smoke still rising from it, in an ashtray on a table, she dashes out quickly. Skips to Veronica running out the main entrance of the building, we see Hale get in a car, the car drives off, Veronica's phone rings, she looks at it to see it's Sebastian, she answers]

VERONICA: Sebastian, I'm so sorry, I-

SEBASTIAN: Where are you?

VERONICA: I'm s-, this just isn't the time, I'm sorry.

SEBASTIAN: This is the time, I'm at the reception hall. The coordinator's here, the vendors...

VERONICA: Look, I'm just-, I'm sorry, I can't talk right now.

[Veronica hangs up and heads back inside]

[A-wing, Abruzzi's cell, Abruzzi leans against the metal bars looking out at the wing, Gus is sat on the top bunk]

GUS: I say we take his whole foot.

ABRUZZI: We could cut off all his limbs, he still wouldn't talk. Pain's not the answer here. Maybe The Beatles were right after all. Maybe all you need is love.

[Michael approaches his cell, a small grey box is outside of his cell. Sucre is stuffing some things into a pillow]

MICHAEL: What are you doing?

SUCRE: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm running it up.

[Michael walks in and grabs Sucre]

MICHAEL: You can't do this.

SUCRE: I'm done playing your reindeer games, Fish. I'm gonna transfer to a nice, quiet cell with a normal cellie. One who doesn't screw my entire life up.

MICHAEL: Look... I'm sorry about your conjugals, but if you go now... [Spots two prison guards talking outside of their cell] Don't do this. Please.

SUCRE: Listen to me, Fish. I got 16 months. I got a fiance to think about. I get caught with a hole in my wall, I don't get to see the real world for another 5 years.

MACK: Let's go, Sucre.

SUCRE: [To Michael] I can't do that.

MICHAEL: [Stepping in front of Sucre, whispering] There's always a solution, we can work it out.

SUCRE: [Whispering] Sorry, Fish.

[Sucre exits with a picture, pillow and box of his belongings]

[Lincoln's cell, Lincoln is sitting on the floor against the wall, Reverend Mailor sits on a bed, Bible in hand]

MAILOR: Can I ask you something? Why have you denied any family or loved ones to be there for you in the end?

LINCOLN: Why would I let them watch me die? I've caused them enough pain.

MAILOR: Maybe it's not about them watching you die.

LINCOLN: Maybe it's about me watching them live. That the final torture?

MAILOR: No. It's about how you want to leave this world. What's the last thing that you want to take with you? A stranger?

[Lincoln looks at the floor]

[Prison Cafeteria, T-Bag sits with the jagged knife, as Michael puts his tray back, T-Bag goes to get up feels Abruzzi's hand on his shoulder so he sits back down]

ABRUZZI: Got an issue with our little friend over there?

T-BAG: I don't got to come to you, you don't give the green light.

ABRUZZI: Everything in here runs through me, you know that.

T-BAG: Maytag's in the ground because of that piece of detritus.

ABRUZZI: So, now you want him?

T-BAG: Every day for the rest of his bit.

ABRUZZI: Seems you and I have something in common then.

[T-Bag nods once, he seems intrigued. S

kips to Michael in line for something with many other inmates, Gus is walking quickly past the queue of people, he reaches Michael and grabs him and leads him into a nearby door. Abruzzi and his cronies are in the room, Abruzzi facing away from Michael]

ABRUZZI: Easy, now, Fish, don't make this any harder than it has to be. [Turning to Michael] It's time we came to an arrangement, don't you think?

[T-Bag steps into sight and looks at Michael]

Act 4Edit

[Continuing from Act 3]

T-BAG: [Smiles. approaching Michael] You know, I was thinking I was gonna cut you bow to stern as soon as I laid eyes on you but, alackaday, you look so pretty when you're scared, don't you? [To Abruzzi] I think we ought to get the love out of the way 'fore we move onto the hate. What do you say to that, pretty? Hm? Yeah. [Licks lips, steps back, putting his knife on the side] Yeah, maybe it's time I lit up that leopard once and for all-

[Abruzzi elbows T-Bag in the face, who falls to the floor, his cronies hold him as Abruzzi punches him in the stomach once]

ABRUZZI: God, he talks to much. [Grabs Michael by the back of the head] You and I need to have a conversation.

[Abruzzi and Michael, followed by Gus' go back into the hallway as Abruzzi's cronies put the boot into T-Bag, they move along with the rest of the line]

ABRUZZI: What happened in there was my way of saying, er, I know I've been going about this whole thing the wrong way.

PRISON GUARD: [Out of shot] We got a man down!

[We see a prison guard enter the room that Michael, Abruzzi and Gus have just left]

ABRUZZI: I'm trying to make amends here.

PRISON GUARD: [Out of shot] Come on, we need some help in here!

ABRUZZI: Bygones be bygones.

MICHAEL: You're a mercurial man, John.

ABRUZZI: I prefer 'bold'. [Smiles]

[The line keeps moving]

PRISON GUARD: [Out of shot] Alright, let's keep it moving, guys, come on!

[Skips to the line of convicts walking outside, Michael still walking with Abruzzi]

ABRUZZI: Tell me what you need from me.

MICHAEL: A trade. You get me a plane, I'll get you Fibonacci.

ABRUZZI: What do you need the plane for?

MICHAEL: I think you know.

ABRUZZI: I help you, I'm in. You know that, don't you?


ABRUZZI: I've just got to know the exact date and time.

MICHAEL: I'll tell you soon enough.

ABRUZZI: Soon enough ain't gonna cut it. I need to be outside these walls before Fibonacci testifies.

MICHAEL: You will be.

ABRUZZI: [Laughs] He testifies in one month.

MICHAEL: Then you'll be out in plenty of time.

ABRUZZI: If not... you're a corpse... so you better cut the crap and tell me the exact date and time so I can start making the arrangements.

MICHAEL: I don't know if I can trust you with that information yet.

ABRUZZI: Why not?

MICHAEL: Like I said, John, you're a mercurial man.

[Visiting room, Lincoln is led in to the secluded area by Patterson, he halts Patterson]

LINCOLN: [About his handcuffs] Louis, take these off.

PATTERSON: Sink, I can't do that.

LINCOLN: Come on, man, I'm in a cage. Ten minutes.

[Patterson tries to proceed but Lincoln steps in front of him]

LINCOLN: Please. He's my kid.

[Skips to Lincoln entering the secluded visiting cell, no handcuffs, LJ is sat on the other side, Lincoln sits down]

LJ: So... here we are. [Laughs]

LINCOLN: [Smiles] Yeah. How you been?

LJ: [Chuckles] You know, in trouble.

LINCOLN: What about your mom?

LJ: She's good.

LINCOLN: I, um... been talking to the chaplain and they'd like me to decide on who I should, er, have at the, um... I guess what I'm trying to say is, when you get to the end, you start to realise what's important to you. You know. Who really matters to you. And, er, you know, that leaves you and Mike. You're the only blood I've got left in this... this world.

LJ: [Welling up slightly] Dad, I gotta say, I'm not reallt following what you're saying.

LINCOLN: Well, er... in the end, the only thing that matters is love. Blood, family, you.

[LJ nods]


[Lincoln puts his hand against the cage above the window he's talking to LJ through]

LINCOLN: Give me your hand.

LJ: What are you doing?

LINCOLN: Give me your hand. Give me your hand.

[LJ hesitates, then puts his hand opposite his father's on the cage]

LINCOLN: I want you to be there when... I want you to be there the day before I die. So I can see you. So I can hold you.

[LJ nods]

LINCOLN: I, er... I love you. I've always loved you.

LJ: [Smiles] This whole thing, er... I don't know if I can take it.

LINCOLN: Me either. I don't have a choice. You do.

[Restaurant by a rive - Sebastian sits at a table, Veronica enters and sits down, putting her hand on Sebastian's]

VERONICA: I am so sorry. I met with this woman today and she knew things about Lincoln's case. And then she just disappeared, I think something happened to her.

SEBASTIAN: Look, I'm gonna make this real easy for you. Do you want to get married... or not?

VERONICA: [Hesitates] I don't know.

SEBASTIAN: Wonderful. [Smiles and removes his hand from Veronica's]

VERONICA: Maybe we could postpone it. Look, I can't do this right now, my head's not in it. It's supposed to be a celebration.

SEBASTIAN: If you're really telling me you want to postpone this thing... then I want to cancel it.

VERONICA: Sebastian. I'm sorry.

SEBASTIAN: I'll come get my stuff tomorrow.

[Sebastian exits]

[Michael's cell - Michael sits against the cell wall with a book, he takes out the bolt he needed that's been hidden inside and starts opening a screw in the toilet]

BELLICK: [Out of shot] Open on 40!

[Michael stands up and hides the bolt in his pocket at the cell gate opens and Bellick steps in]

BELLICK: Scofield. I found you a new cellie. As luck would have it, I found him in the psych ward and you're the only one with an empty tray, so...

MICHAEL: Psych ward?

BELLICK: You got a problem with that?

[Bellick flicks his baton, extending it to full length]

BELLICK: 'Cause if you do, please feel free to pop in my suggestion box here.

[Bellick taps the toilet with his baton, exchanges a look with Michael, then steps out of the cell]

BELLICK: Haywire, get in here!

[Haywire enters, holding a box of possessions]

BELLICK: Close it up on 40!

[Haywire stares at a cell wall]

BELLICK: Oh, and, Scofield, just a heads up, don't make eye contact with him.

[Bellick exits, Haywire looks around the room, Michael looks down and turns away]

[Courtyard - Lincoln is playing basketball in the secluded area, he stops and walks up to the fence as Michael is walking past with a shovel on P.I, Lincoln walks next to him]

MICHAEL: Lincoln, we have a problem. I got a new cell mate.


[Michael nods toward Haywire is standing in the courtyard]

LINCOLN: That's a problem.

MICHAEL: We're just gonna have to bring him on board.

LINCOLN: You can't bring a guy like that on board.

MICHAEL: Then I'll work at night, when he's sleeping.

[Stolte spots the two talking]

STOLTE: 10 feet, Scofield!

[They separate and start walking further apart as Stolte turns away again]

LINCOLN: How far behind are we?

MICHAEL: 3 days.

LINCOLN: I thought you said the margin for error was 0 days.


[Michael exits, it looks like Haywire and Lincoln stare at each other]

[Wooded area - Kellerman and Hale drive down a road and reverse into wooded area, then get out the car]

KELLERMAN: Nice out here. I got a buddy, he's got a place way back up in these woods, ome up here hunting this time of year. Man...

[Kellerman pops the boot open and Leticia kicks Hale from inside]

KELLERMAN: Back in. Back in.

[Kellerman and Hale restrain her and hold her in the boot. They then take her out of the boot and Hale holds her as she struggles, her mouth has been tapes shut]

KELLERMAN: [To Leticia] Over here. Come here. [To Hale] Take her out there.

HALE: She's nothing. Nobody would believe her if she talked anyway.

KELLERMAN: Hundred yards or so should do it. Do it.

[Kellerman closes the boot]


[Hale leads Leticia into the woods and puts her on her knees]

HALE: [Getting out his gun] I'm sorry. You've got to believe that.

[They hear a horn, Hale looks around, Leticia gets up and runs]

HALE: Dammit.

[Hale shoots and misses, Kellerman hears, Leticia carries on running, Hale shoots again, this time hitting Leticia in the leg, she falls. Leticia tries to crawl away as Hale approaches her, the tape has come off her mouth, she turns to Hale]

LETICIA: Please. Please. [Whispering] Please.

[Leticia gets shot by someone else, we Kellerman lowering his gun, Leticia is dead]

KELLERMAN: Pick up the casings.

[Kellerman exits]

[Michael's cell - Michael and Haywire lie in their bunks, Michael takes the bolt from above him, under Haywire's mattress, gets out of bed and goes over to the toilet and starts unscrewing the screw. Michael stops and turns around, Haywire is staring at him from his bunk]

MICHAEL: What's your problem?

HAYWIRE: I got a neuroanatomic lesion effecting my reticular activating system.

MICHAEL: What does that mean?

HAYWIRE: It means I don't sleep... at all.

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