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When Paxton was in Fox River, he saw Michael Scofield talking with his brother, Lincoln Burrows about PI. After the conversation, Paxton was talking with Charles Westmoreland about PI, but said he should going to John Abruzzi. However, Michael was probably talking about the man who brought Abruzzi to jail.

Later, when Michael was at Henry Pope's office, Paxton was going to Abruzzi. Paxton asked him for a favour, just like Michael. Abruzzi said he didn't do favors, until he said that Teets, one of his men, was probably talking about his family behind his back with Brad Bellick. Paxton was hearing the conversation between Teets and Bellick and followed Bellick, who gave a file to Louis Patterson. Paxton followed Patterson and saw him with Becky Gerber, but at the same time, Paxton stole Teets' letter. Paxton later gave the letter to Abruzzi, making him a part of the PI group.


Recurring charactersEdit

Minor charactersEdit


  • PI (Mentioned only)



  • This marks the first appearance of Paxton, Mannix, Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, Westmoreland, C-Note, T-Bag, Geary, Patterson, Bellick, Becky and Moore in this chapter.
  • Patterson first appears when he is talking with Becky. Later, he reappears at the elevator and Paxton jumps then away. It's high likely that Patterson was first kissing with Becky and later was going to beneath. It's likely that is a blooper.


  • Paxton's conversation with Bellick resembles that of Michael and Bellick in the Pilot.
  • Westmoreland's conversation with Paxton resembles that of Sucre's conversation with Michael.

Bloopers and errorsEdit

  • Charles Westmoreland had the conversation with Paxton that resembles Michael's conversation in The Yard with Sucre about the gangs at Fox River.
  • Michael has a conversation with Lincoln at the Yard, however, he had this conversation with Lincoln in the lockers, not in the Yard.
  • When Abruzzi and Michael are fighting, a brown CO shoots at them, instead of a white CO.
  • Geary appears to be bold.
  • Westmoreland wears glasses and is bold.
  • Patterson is more brown then he is in the show.
    • Patterson also has hair, instead of being bold.

Unknown bloopersEdit

  • Michael's conversation with isn't seen on-screen and there is a fight right away, without any reasons (the paper crane wasn't seen on-screen at all.




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