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2005, Sona



Cause of death:

Stabbed and throat slit by Lechero

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Photo Finish

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Curtis Wayne

Cheo is Lechero's man inside Sona. He was killed by Lechero (3x6).


Season 3

Cheo was first seen when Sammy and Marcel did fight. Cheo said to Lechero that an inmate with one hand was in Sona. Cheo was also seen at the fight of Michael and World (Orientacíon).

Cheo along with Sammy were forced to hold on James Whistler, however, when it appeared to be that Lechero was stabbing Whistler, he stabbed Cheo who was then bleeding and then slit his throat so he died. Sammy seemed not care about his death (Photo Finish).


Following his death, Cheo did hang at the Sona grounds. Every inmate saw that he was dead was including Michael Scofield. Since he was dead, they didn't watch football.

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Lechero says the won't watch football, because Cheo betrayed him.


Season 3


  • Cheo along with Cyrus, Cristobal and a Sona Inmate was shown in Sona to the other Sona Inmates.
    • Cheo along with Cristobal and Cyrus were killed by Lechero and all their names started with the C.
  • Following Cheo's death, he was indirect responsible for the death of his friend, Papo.
  • Cheo along with Nieves and Papo have one or two lines in the last episode they appear (besides Papo's body), not counting Sammy, who had at least 1 line mostly every episode of season 3.
  • Cheo along with Sammy were involved in Augusto's business, which did lead to their death.
    • Ironically, Sammy didn't cared at all about Cheo's death.
  • Cheo is the second member to be killed by a member of Lechero's gang. The first member is Juan Nieves and the third member is Lechero.

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