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Chi Chi
Normal ep220 087

Current Status:   Deceased
First appearance:   2x20
Last appearance:   2x20
Manner of Death:   Strangeled by Theodore Bagwell
Portrayed by:   Alex Meneses

Chi Chi was first seen in bed with T-Bag, impersonating Susan Hollander by wearing a wig to his liking. However, after spending an hour with T-Bag, she got irritated when T-Bag wouldn't let her leave and said, "this Susie Q bitch" thought he was a freak. T-Bag took it as an offense when she called her a bitch and told her to take it back. Chi Chi said that if T-Bag wouldn't remove his arm by the time she counted to three, which was blocking the door, she'd scream. As she muttered "two" T-Bag grabbed her by the throat and killed her.

Her body was later discovered by a maid in the bathtub.


Season 2Edit


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