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Agent Chris Franco
Sito prison break finale 01a

Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   Rate of Exchange
Last appearance:   Killing Your Number
Portrayed by:   William Mapother

Chris Franco was a determined FBI senior field agent partnered with probably rookie agent Wilson Wright during a manhunt against the brothers.



Franco is a senior Special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation based in Miami and partnered with younger and rookie special agent Wright.

Season 4Edit

Few times before the Company's fall Agent Franco was assigned, along Agent Wright, to investigate on Naveen Banerjee's murder during a meeting in Miami and arrest his believes murderers: on the run inmate Michael Scofield and former death penalty inmate Lincoln Burrows. Wilson and Franco managed to locate a rogue Homeland Security Agent, Donald Self and interrogate him about his links with the brothers. Franco doesn't hesitate to near torture Self to have answers. Later in the same hospital Franco recognized former FBI field agent, gone rogue too, Alexander Mahone and arrested him. They conduct him and other on the run inmate Fernando Sucre to a FBI HQ in Miami where they try to extort them information about Burrows's location but the two try to convince them that the brothers had been set up by The Company. Michael, who had delivered Scylla to special agent Paul Kellerman, the manhunt is called of and Special agent Wright and Franco sent to another assignement.


Personality and traitsEdit

Agent Chris Franco appeared as a determined senior FBI field agent he seems to be Wright superior and mentor. He's willing to torture the who he believed to be rogue to have answers to his questions and he can be seen very hot tempered when a vegetated Self wrote to him: KISS MY ASS. He's always serious and believe in his convictions: he doesn't believe former Agent Mahone and Sucre about a "conspiracy" against the brothers.


  • As Franco immediately recognized Mahone it's probably that the both have probably met each other once.
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