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Christopher Trokey
Prison Break trokey

Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   1x4
Last appearance:   1x8
Portrayed by:   Robert Michael Vieau

Christopher Trokey was a prisoner in Fox River State Penitentiary and was a member T-Bag's white supremist gang. During a riot, Trokey helped T-Bag force the guards to retreat from the A-wing. (1x6) When Bellick was searching for the murderer of Bob Hudson, T-Bag framed Trokey by putting a photo of Hudson's daughter under his bed. Guards escorted him away from his cell.



  • Trokey replaced Maytag as T-Bag's inmate. It's unknown if he was a already a member of T-Bag's racist gang before being an inmate in the same cell as T-Bag.

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