This is the transcript about the episode Cute Poison.

Season 1, Episode 4 - "Cute Poison"

Written by: Paul Scheuring and Matt Olmstead

Starring: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell and Robin Tunney

Act 1Edit

[Lincoln's cell - Lincoln sleeps on his bed, suddenly the lights come on and Bellick enters, followed by more prison guards]

BELLICK: On your feet.

LINCOLN: What time is it?

BELLICK: Get up.

LINCOLN: What's going on?

PRISON GUARD: [Out of shot] Let's go, Lincoln, on your feet.

[A prison guard pulls up Michael and wrestles him out of the room]

LINCOLN: Bellick! Bellick! Bellick! No! Bellick! Bellick!

[Bellick is the last to leave the cell, he closes the door, Lincoln is being led away by 4 prison guards]

LINCOLN: Bellick! Where are you ta- Bellick! No!

[Skips to the prison guards leading him into the electric chair room]

LINCOLN: No! Bellick, no! Bellick, no, I got a month left! Please! No! Bellick!

[The prison guards force a struggling Bellick into the electric chair and begin strapping him in]

LINCOLN: Bellick, no! Bellick, please, no! No! I got a month left! Please!

[One of the prison guards holds a wet sponge against his head]

LINCOLN: Bellick!

[They begin tying the head strap around his head]

LINCOLN: Please. Bellick.

[Lincoln breathes deeply as the prison guards finish strapping him in, all the prison guards exits, apart from Bellick who comes up close to Lincoln]

BELLICK: Make your peace, Lincoln.

[Bellick pulls the black sheet down in front of Lincoln's face]

BELLICK: Let's get on with it.

[A prison guard in the next room pulls the lever. We hear an electric sound, Lincoln jolts in the chair. Suddenly he wakes up in bed, it was a dream. Lincoln breathes deeply, sits upright, he sits for a moment, then puts his face in his hands]

[Michael's cell - Michael is by the toilet, which is now away from the wall, Michael is chiseling away at the wall behind it. He hears a noise, looks up to see if there is any danger, he carries on chiseling]

PRISON GUARD: [Out of shot] 40!

[The cell gate opens, Michael stops chiseling and pushes the toilet back against the wall and starts washing his face, Haywire and Stolte enter, Haywire comes into the cell, Stole stands outside]

STOLTE: Close 40!

[Haywire sits on his bunk and starts drawing, Michael dries his face with a towel]

MICHAEL: Haywire, you ever thought of breaking out?

HAYWIRE: [Sniggers] What the hell would I do out there?

MICHAEL: Not be here.

HAYWIRE: Halfway houses, psych visits, meds, checking in with a P.O, urine tests, keeping a job. No. Why do you ask?

[Michael has made his way over to the cell gate]

MICHAEL: This guy was talking about it in the yard yesterday, I didn't know what to say.

HAYWIRE: Tell Officer Bellick. He'll make life easier for you if, er...

[Haywire looks up and stares at the tattoo on Michael's arm]

MICHAEL: If what?

HAYWIRE: Your tattoos.

MICHAEL: What about them?

HAYWIRE: What are they of?

[Michael goes to pick his sweater up off of his bunk]

HAYWIRE: No, no, no, no, no, what-, what are they? Like, some kind of a-

MICHAEL: They're just tattoos.

[A prison guard knocks on the cell gate, accompanied by a prison doctor]

PRISON GUARD(?): Candy time, Haywire.

[Haywire hops down from his bunk and faces Michael]

HAYWIRE: They think I have schizoaffective disorder with bipolar tendencies.

PRISON GUARD(?): Think you got it?

HAYWIRE: [After giving the prison guard a stern look] Whatever.

[Haywire downs his meds and sarcastically insinuates it was refreshing to the doctor]

HAYWIRE: [Turning to Michael] I take the pills to keep the quacks off my back.

[Haywire turns back to the doctor who is now holding up a flashlight, he turns it on and Haywire sticks his tongue out and wriggles it around in an over-the-top manner so that the doctor can confirm he swallowed them, the prison guard and doctor exit]

HAYWIRE: Bye now. [To Michael, as he rushes toward the toilet] Get out the way.

[Haywire bends over the toilet and sticks his fingers down his throat, making himself throw up]

MICHAEL: You know, maybe they give you those things for a reason.

[Haywire flushes the toilet and stands upright]

HAYWIRE: Yeah. To keep me dull. To keep me in their invisible freakin' handcuffs. Seriously though, those tattoos, they're beautiful.

HAYWIRE: [As Michael, now with his sweater on, bends down and picks up his shirt] Do you mind if I, you know, look at the whole thing?

MICHAEL: I do actually.

[Michael puts on his shirt]


PATTERSON: [Out of shot] Yo! Stand clear!

MICHAEL: [As all the cell gates open] Does there need to be a reason?

[Michael exits, Haywire looks frustrated]

[Courtyard - Michael walks toward Sucre, who is walking in Michael's direction]


SUCRE: [Holding his hand up] I'm not gonna talk to you, man.

[Sucre walks straight past, Michael turns and watches him walk away before spotting Haywire stood by the courtyard gate, Haywire is staring at Michael, he looks restless and on edge. Michael turns back around, slightly rolls up his right sleeve and we see part of his tattoo, with the words 'CUTE POISON'. Flashback to Michael researching on his computer, then approaching his apartment wall that's covered with newspaper articles and notes, and writes the words 'CUTE POISON' on a sheet covered with equations. Back to real time, Abruzzi is stood in front of Michael]

ABRUZZI: What's the problem?

MICHAEL: Nothing I can't handle.

ABRUZZI: Well, I knew there was a problem, I could tell by looking at you from across the yard. [To his cronies, who are stood about ten metres away] Hey, guys, didn't I say there was a problem? [To Michael] So what's the problem?

MICHAEL: [Eyeing towards Haywire over his shoulder] You're looking at it.

ABRUZZI: What, Haywire?

MICHAEL: Yep. That's my new cellmate.

ABRUZZI: That's a problem.

MICHAEL: He doesn't sleep.

ABRUZZI: So when do you dig?

MICHAEL: I don't.

ABRUZZI: Hey, you and I are a bet now. You made me promise, you said that we were gonna get out of here. You renege now and I'm gonna [grabbing Michael by the back of the neck] cut you. So you take care of your business, or I'll take care of you. Have a nice day.

[Abruzzi gives Michael a 'friendly' pat on the cheek and walks away, Michael turns and sees Haywire still staring]

Act 2Edit

[Pope's office - Pope looks upon the model of the Taj Mahal while Michael is fiddling with it]

POPE: It's really coming together, isn't it?

MICHAEL: [Standing up] Yep.

POPE: You think it'll be done in time?

MICHAEL: Well, I figure we still have the interior alcoves and plasters to do which is no small task, but, yes, I think so.

POPE: Listen, I have to say I-, I really appreciate all the effort that you put into this. Er... I wish there was some way I could, you know, pay you or something.

MICHAEL: There is one thing you could do for me. My cellmate.

POPE: Ah, the inimitable Charles Patoshik. Haywire?

MICHAEL: Then you know.

POPE: Hold it right there. Officer Bellick is in charge of cell transfers. You're gonna have to talk to him about that.

MICHAEL: I tried, but he seems to think we're a good match.

POPE: Has he threatened you?

MICHAEL: Who? Haywire or Bellick?

BELLICK: [Chuckles very slightly] Unfortunately, unless there's some evidence of violence or sexual predation between cellmates, those kinds of requests fall on deaf ears around here. Prison system's a little too crowded for requests based on personality. It's not exactly Sandals out there.

[A knock on the door, Becky enters]

BECKY: Warden. Sorry. You're wife is here.

POPE: What? She's not supposed to be here 'til 4 o'clock. [Approaching Becky and buttoning up his wasitcoat] Becky, do not let her come in here under any circumstances, she's not supposed to see this until our anniversary. I'll be right out.

[Becky goes back to her office, Pope follows closely behind, taking his jacket with him]

POPE: Hi, sweetheart. [Putting on his jacket] You're early. Um, let's go eat.

JUDY: You're acting funny.

POPE: I am?

JUDY: What's going on in there?

POPE: Um, just going over some files.

JUDY: Becky said you were in a meeting.

[Pope looks stumped]

JUDY: This isn't Toledo all over again, is it?

POPE: Toledo? How can you say that?

JUDY: Then you won't mind if I look.

POPE: Er, Judy...

[Judy walks past Pope, Michael comes out of Pope's office]

MICHAEL: Warden, I'm not gonna be able to cooperate. I'd get killed if I did. Johnson's still deciding.

POPE: [Slight pause] Then you and I are done.

[Michael exits]

JUDY: You should have just told me.

POPE: Well, you know how anxious I get when you come around the inmates. Becky, have a guard escort Johnson back to his cell, I'll deal with him later. [To Judy] Come on, let's go eat.

[Pope puts his arm around Judy and they begin to exit]

[Fox River - Patterson leads Lincoln into a guarded visitation room, there are other guards present, Lincoln sees Veronica, she is stood by the table and chairs, he stops in shock, then enters hesitantly]

LINCOLN: What you doing here?

VERONICA: I'm your attorney. I'm representing you now.


VERONICA: If that's alright with you.

LINCOLN: Last time I saw you, you called me a liar.

VERONICA: Things have changed. I believe you now.

[Veronica sits down, motioning Lincoln to sit down too, he does]

VERONICA: I got in touch with Crab Simmons' ex-girlfriend, Leticia. She coroborated your story.

LINCOLN: Will she testify?

VERONICA: She's missing. I don't know, I think the secret service got to her.

LINCOLN: The secret service?

VERONICA: They've been poking around, as soon as they show up, she disappears. What do you think happened?

LINCOLN: Um... I didn't realise it was that high up, you know? Do you know what we're up against?

VERONICA: I know it's a lot more than either of us can handle on our own.

LINCOLN: Project Justice.

VERONICA: Why have I heard of them?

LINCOLN: All they handle is death penalty cases. There's a guy there, Ben Forsik, I sent him copies of everything I had. I mean, you can go there, tell him what you found, maybe it'll be enough to bring him on board.


LINCOLN: [Slightly hesitant] So, er, how's Sebastian?

VERONICA: What do you mean?

LINCOLN: Well, you being here, I mean, is he cool with it?

VERONICA: I haven't talked to him. The, um, the engagement's off.

LINCOLN: Oh. I'm sorry.

VERONICA: You could at least say that like you mean it.

LINCOLN: I do. [Nearly laughs]

VERONICA: God, you always were a lousy liar.

LINCOLN: [Laughs] Yeah.

VERONICA: I better get to Project Justice.

[Veronica picks up her stuff and walks toward the door]

LINCOLN: Veronica.

[She stops, turns to Lincoln]

LINCOLN: Thank you. I don't have a whole lot left.

VERONICA: You can thank me when I get you out of here.

[Veronica exits, Lincoln leans his head against the table]

[Courtyard - Sucre is using one of the payphones]

SUCRE: Baby, it's me, are you there? Hello? Are you there?

[We see a line of prisoners waiting to use the phone, Trokey is behind Sucre]

TROKEY: Hey. If she is, she obviously don't want to talk to you.

SUCRE: It's Wednesday, babe. You're gonna come around today, right? Okay, got to hang up now. I got to back in the block but you're gonna be here today, right? I'm your man, baby, and I love you. I do.

[Shower room - Michael walks toward his clothes, towel around his waist, he picks up another towel, Haywire enters the shower room behind him]

HAYWIRE: It's a pattern.

MICHAEL: What did you say?

HAYWIRE: Your-, your tattoo, it's a pattern.

MICHAEL: You're seeing things.

[Michael throws the other towel over his shoulders and exits, Haywire, clutching on to his shirt as alway, is not convinced]

[Pope's office - Pope and Bellick are standing by the Taj Mahal model]

POPE: Putting him in with Haywire is a low blow, deputy.

BELLICK: What? The shrin's cleared Haywire for re-entry into gen pop, besides he's so doped up on meds, he's like a kitten these days.

POPE: Pft, a kitten who killed both his parents.

BELLICK: All due respect, sir, if you give Scofield preferential treatment, it'll undermine your credibility.

[Pope gives Bellick a look]

BELLICK: Look, I know you've got a soft spot for the guy because he's got brains in his head and he's helping you with that contraption in there but the guy's a violent criminal. He deserves punishment just as much as the rest of these guys.

POPE: You have been here long enough to know that I'm less interested in punishment than I am in rehabilitation, and sticking him in with Haywire is not rehabilitation in my book.

BELLICK: [Removing his hat] You delegated authority over gen pop to me, boss.

POPE: I know I did.

BELLICK: Well, then you either got to let me do my job or pass it on to somebody else.

POPE: Now, Brad, go easy. There's a reason I'm giving you more and more responsibility. When I retire, I'm recommending you to take my place. Don't make me regret it. All I'm saying is take another look at the Scofield situation. I trust your judgement.

BELLICK: Yes, sir.

[Bellick exits]

[Visitating room - Prisoners file in to meet with their visitors, Sucre is in the line, he looks fairly excited, Stolte shuts the gate in his face before he can step out]

SUCRE: Woah, woah, woah, woah, wait, hold up. This is supposed to be an open visitation, why are we doing it here?

STOLTE: Ask your visitor.

[Sucre looks to his left and sees Hector, things get tense, they both sit on opposite sides of the protective glass]

SUCRE: What are you doing here? Where's Maricruz?

HECTOR: She's not gonna be coming around here anymore.

SUCRE: Is she hurt?

HECTOR: No, no, she's fine, she's fine, she just, er... she's with me now.

SUCRE: She's with you now? [Laughs slightly] This is a joke, right?

HECTOR: No, she made her decision, man. She decided she needed stability.

SUCRE: And she's gonna get that from you?

HECTOR: Look, look, you can think whatever you want about me, but, er... [taps on the glass] I'm not the one who's in prison. See, I actually can do something for her. And she wanted me to stop by here and talk to you first, you know, in case you got mad or so-

[Sucre flips, he attacks the window and shouts in Spanish, Hector gets up and begins to walk away, a prison guard comes in and restrains Sucre, Hector stops and turns]

HECTOR: You just proved my point. You're a con. And that's all you'll ever be.

[Sucre kisses hs finger and thumb and points at Sucre, this is a threat, Hector exits]

[Toxic Control Center - Michael makes his way to the security guard's room, he throws him a carton of cigarettes]

SECURITY GUARD: Make it quick.

[Michael goes into the storage space and looks for something, he scans the shelves, he finds what he needs, a bottle of something, focus on the tatto on his arm saying 'CUTE POISON' on a bottle, the letters C, U, P, O, S and O are highlighted. Flashback - We see many documents to do with the Copper Sulphate and Phosphoric Acid and equations, and a piece of text that says "Phosphoric acid reacts violently when combined with sulphate acids. Back to real time, Michael puts the bottle in a little pouch attached to the inside of his sleeve and tucks it in]

SECURITY GUARD: [Loudly] Yeah. He's, er, right in here.

[Michael looks up, sees Bellick and the security guard by the doorway]

BELLICK: Take a walk, chappy.

[Security guard exits, Bellick enters the storage room, Michael acts casually as Bellick walks toward him]

BELLICK: Scofield. [Approaching Michael] You're in a restricted area.

MICHAEL: I'm doing yardwork for PI. We need some fertiliser.

BELLICK: Then why are you in the masonry section?

[Michael doesn't reply, Bellick searches him with his baton, doesn't find anything]

BELLICK: Oh, and, by the way, how's the foot?

[Bellick stamps on Michael's bad foot, twist his foot on the bad spot, Michael groans grabs Michael by the neck, twists his foot some more, Michael drops to the ground, Bellick still holding the side of his neck, he gets down to Michael's level, Michael is in a lot of pain]

BELLICK: Don't ever go round me to the Pope again.

[Bellick stands]

BELLICK: Now move.

[Michael gets up and hobbles away]

Act 3Edit

[Michael's cell - Michael spits water into the sink, most probably just brushed his teeth, Haywire sits on his bunk clutching a pillow, Michael turns the tap off]

MICHAEL: You know what, Haywire? I don't think we're gonna work out. [Turns around] And since I was here first, I think you should go.

HAYWIRE: I crapped myself once in junior high.

[Michael looks away slightly, confused]

HAYWIRE: It was during-, during PE, we were-, we were playing Badminton. And I knew I was gonna have to walk past a bunch of the other students to, you know, get back to the locker room.

[Michael picks up a tube of toothpaste as Haywire speaks, he opens the cap and starts squeezing the toothpaste out into the toilet]

HAYWIRE: And so, I just started walking. And I tried to make fun of it, you know, before anyone else did. So I turned around behind me and said "Look, I have a tail."

[Michael puts the empty toothpaste tube in his pocket and flushes the toilet, Haywire clambers over to the edge of his bunk, near the toilet where Michael is]

HAYWIRE: I just shared a secret with you. Now it's your turn.

MICHAEL: You want to know what the tattoos mean?

HAYWIRE: [Whispering] Yeah.

MICHAEL: [Whispering, quickly] Nothing.

[Haywire stares at the wall, he looks annoyed, Michael walks toward the cell gate looking at the floor]

ABRUZZI: Hey, Fish.

[We see Abruzzi standing outside Michael's cell, Michael leans against the wall]

ABRUZZI: Making any progress?

MICHAEL: With Sleeping Beauty back there or with the digging?

ABRUZZI: Either.

MICHAEL: No. But I know what to do.

ABRUZZI: Oh, yeah? Problem is, you don't go the stugots to do it.

[Stern look between the two]

PRISON GUARD: [Out of shot] Abruzzi, let's go.

ABRUZZI: See ya.

[Abruzzi exits]

[Courtyard - Trokey is on one payphone, another inmate is using the one next to him]

TROKEY: [Chuckling] Yeah? Really? Well, tell the crazy son of a bitch I said hi.

[Sucre approaches Trokey]

SUCRE: Wrap it up.

TROKEY: [Ignoring Sucre] How about Aunt Ruth? She out of the hospital yet?

SUCRE: Wrap it up.

TROKEY: Hold on, ma. [To Sucre] Bite me.

[As Trokey goes to talk to his mother again, Sucre disconnects the line on the payphone, Trokey drops the phone]

TROKEY: Okay. We got a problem now, man.

SUCRE: [Stepping up to Trokey] Let's handle it then.

[Trokey laughs and walks away]

SUCRE: That's what I thought.

[Sucre picks up the phone and types in a number, it rings. We see Maricruz in a street somewhere, she picks up her phone]


SUCRE: Maricruz? It's me. Baby, what the hell is going on? What's the deal with you and Hector?

MARICRUZ: When were you gonna tell me?

SUCRE: Tell you what?

MARICRUZ: That Rita Saldana's been visiting you.

SUCRE: [Confused] What?

MARICRUZ: Yeah. Hector told me.

SUCRE: [In disbelief, laughing nervously] Hector told you. Hector told you. Of course he told you, baby, that guy is a snake, he's a liar.

MARICRUZ: [Laughs] Why would he lie?

SUCRE: Why would he lie? 'Cause he's been trying to get into your pants since the minute we started dating, that's why.

MARICRUZ: You know what? I don't know what to believe.

SUCRE: Me, mami, believe me.

MARICRUZ: Yeah, while I wait by the phone twice a week.

SUCRE: Baby, where is this coming from?

MARICRUZ: I don't know. [Sighs] Look, there's just so many things. Yesterday I went to Theresa's house and I saw her baby.

SUCRE: Is that what this is about? You think your clock is ticking?

MARICRUZ: Well, I am gonna be 30 in a few years!

SUCRE: [Laughs] Baby, you're 25. You want to get pregnant? Let's get pregnant right now.

MARICRUZ: Baby, you know I can't pregnant until I'm married.

SUCRE: We're gonna get married. In 16 months.

MARICRUZ: Yeah, well, Hector says that if something goes wrong in there, that, er, you could serve your full sentence. I can't wait 10 years. I can't wait 10 years, baby.

SUCRE: I'm gonna be out in 16 months. [Speaks Spanish]

MARICRUZ: Okay, well, what if something does happen, huh? Baby, I can't wait that long.

[We see Hector approaching Maricruz from behind]

MARICRUZ: I can't.

[Hector stands behind Maricruz, she sees him]

MARICRUZ: I'm sorry, I got to go.

[She hangs up]

SUCRE: Hello? Ba-, wait-, hello?

[Sucre slams the phone back in its place and stares, thinking]

[Project Justice, Ben Forsik's office - Ben Forsik is at his desk, Veronica sat the other side, Nick Savrinn is sat at the side]

FORSIK: Even if Letivia Barrows turns up her again, her testimony would be worthless. By and large, most junkies with criminal records don't shine on the stand.

VERONICA: Maybe, but I've just found all this out in the past couple days, I'm confident that I can find out a whole lot more now that I'm devoting all my time to the case.

NICK: A secret service agent came to visit you when Leticia was in your office. What did he want?

FORSIK: Nick, please. You've got to understand, Miss Donovan, unless there's new information you can provide for us, we've already reviewed Mr Burrows' case thoroughly. Do you have any new evidence?

VERONICA: No, but I-

FORSIK: But. That is effectively what you're telling us, right? I need to clarify here.

VERONICA: Yes, that is what I'm telling you. But, look, Mr Forsik, you don't need to point out what I don't have, I am well aware of that. I'm here asking for your help because I don't think an innocent man should be killed for something he didn't do. And I believe that's what it says on your mission statement in the lobby.

FORSIK: We get thousands of requests for representation.

VERONICA: I'm sure you do-

FORSIK: And I have to decide which cases we're going to devote our very limited resources to.

VERONICA: I will do all of the legwork, Mr Forsik, but since I don't have any experience in death penalty cases, I'm just asking you to point me in the right direction.

[Forsik sighs, thinks]


FORSIK: I'm sorry. We just don't have the man power.

[Long pause]

VERONICA: Thank you for your time.

[Skips to Veronica exiting the building, she gets in her car, we see Hale watching her from his car, as soon as he sees her, he makes a phone call]

HALE: She's just leaving now. It's gonna take her at least half hour to get across town in this traffic.

[We see Kellerman in Veronica's house, he's wearing gloves and going through her post]

KELLERMAN: We're not gonna need nearly that much time.

[He puts the letters down, then picks up a picture of Veronica, Lincoln and Michael celebrating Veronica's college degree]

KELLERMAN: I've turned up quite a bit already.

[Michael's cell - Haywire is neatening up his toiletries, looks like he has OCD, he notices his missing toothpaste]

HAYWIRE: Hey, have you seen my toothpaste? It was right here.

[We see Michael standing against a wall, uninterested, looking in the opposite direction]

MICHAEL: Haven't seen it.

HAYWIRE: I always put it in the same place.

MICHAEL: I'm sure it'll turn up.

[Haywire looks up and stares at Michael in the toilet paper dispenser. Skips to Sucre's cell, he lies in bed, we see his cellmate's legs dangling over the bunk twitching, Sucre can't sleep, he stares at a picture of him and Maricruz that he attached to the underside of the upper bunk. Back to Michael's cell, Michael is asleep, Haywire is on his knees, slowly tearing Michael's top his shirt so that he can look at his tattoos. Michael wakes, jumps up and sits on his bunk against the wall]

sudheer: Get away from me.

HAYWIRE: I need to see 'em. Just, you got to show them to me, [Getting closer to Michael] It's pulling me in.

MICHAEL: [Leaning forward threateningly] I said get away from me.

[Haywire backs down slowly]

HAYWIRE: Okay. He's got a maze on his skin. [Laughs] Man's got a maze on his skin.

[Haywire is now standing, pacing, he stops by the cell gate]

HAYWIRE: Why-, why would he do that? Why-, why would he put a maze on his skin? Um.. I don't kn-...

[Haywire is so intrigued he looks annoyed, sucks his finger]

Act 4Edit

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