Dede Franklin
Normal ep203 148

Current Status:   Alive

Dede Franklin is the daughter of C-Note and Kacee Franklin.


Season 2

She was only able to spend time with her father one week a year when his Army Unit was on break. She has to take medical drugs every two days to remain healthy since she was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease when she was born. When Trey helped C-Note and his family escape the FBI, C-Note was happy for a brief period of time because he finally got to spend time with Dede and Kacee but problems soon arose as he or Kacee weren't able to purchase medics for Dede at Pharmacys, they didn't have or couldn't get jobs, Kaycee is now a fugitive, a limited supply of money and Dede couldn't attend school.

When Dedes' condition started to get worse, Kaycee had no choice but to risk purchasing her meds in a public area where she could get caught. Suspicious of her appearance, The Pharmacist alerted the authorities and Kaycee was arrested for aiding and abeting an escaped prisoner, a distressed C-Note watched from the side of the streets, his plan of moving the family to Alaska and work in a fishery with minimum patrol and clearance gone awry.

C-Note immediately phoned Trey about her charges. Trey said bail and clearance was denied and she's looking at major time for aiding and abeting an escaped prisoner so C-Note wasn't able to turn himself in, Trey also informed him if he gets caught, Dede will be sent to a foster home.

Mahone caught up with C-Note after being informed of a scuffle at a Dine-In though he was unable to take him into custody as he narrowly escaped with Dede on a train. C-Note knew he was after Scofield so offered to turn himself in and help him capture Micheal for the protection and clearance of his Wife and medical assistance for his daughter.

Dede received help after C-Note was taken to The FBI. He tried to contact Micheal on to for a set up. Day after Day, Mahone grew impatient and C-Note became worried his plan wasn't working because Micheal didn't respond. Mahone received lead on Micheal from another source so C-Note was no longer helpful.

Mahone thanked C-Note for his efforts regardless and ensured the protection of his wife and daughter if he used a package he will receive that evening.

C-Note was sent a box containing a rope inside it. He attempted to hang himself. Mark Wheeler suspicious of deaths relating to Mahone, helped C-Note start a new life and career with the UN when guards saved him from suicide. Dede lived a happy life afterwards.


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