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Derrick Sweeney
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The Rat

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The Price

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Karyn Usher

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Karl Makinen

Derrick Sweeney was a former street thug and friend of Lincoln Burrows, Lincoln gave up his life of crime and parted ways with Derrick when L.J. was born.




Derrick had a wife named Maria and he had a son.

Season 1

Derrick was first mentioned in a conversation by Lincoln and Michael during final visitation at Fox River. Derrick made a bet with Lincoln; 40 dollars to shave his head bald, Lincoln raised it to 100 dollars and shaved his head bald. Derrick has owed him since then. (The Rat)

Season 2

Lincoln reunites with Derrick 15 years later though Derrick was hesitant when Lincoln asked for a favour, Derrick told Lincoln he promised Maria he would stop and he has a year old son now. Lincoln assured him what he's asking for wont involve trouble and reminded Derrick he still owes him, Derrick agrees to help Lincoln and takes off.

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Derrick pays his debt with Lincoln

Derrick arrives later with 3 tickets for a Panama Export Freighter, he even bought Lincoln a box of expensive beer to pay his debt. Eddy bet Derrick 100 dollars Lincoln would get caught in a week after escaping, Derrick disagreed. It's unknown what happens to Derrick or if Lincoln ever sees him again when he leaves.

Season 4

Lincoln has a flashback of crashing a car into a limo with Derrick in order to steal a suitcase, an enemy from the vehicle drew out a gun and proceeded to shoot Lincoln. Derrick saved Lincoln by killing the man with his shotgun.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 4


  • Derrick is responsible for the fact that Michael and Lincoln came in Panama and the deaths leading up to there.

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