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Carolyn Wickwire

Edna Bellick is the mother of Brad Bellick. She lived with Bellick in the same apartment in Joliet. After Bellick was fired, she asked why he didn't go after the convicts, which became Bellick's motivation in becoming a bounty hunter. After Bellick was imprisoned in Sona, he asked Sucre to call his mother, in which Sucre refused.




Edna did meet at some point, Mr. Bellick, who would later become her husband. At some point, Edna became the mother of Brad Bellick.

Season 2Edit

When Bellick was fired, Edna told Bellick that they would give $300,000 to the man who would capture Lincoln Burrows and $100,000 for whoever would capture the others. Bellick was then going to capture the Fox River Eight along with Roy Geary and he didn't see his mother then anymore.

Season 3Edit

When Sucre came to visit Bellick, Bellick said that he should call his mother, but Sucre refused, because he did only want Maricruz. But when Bellick told Sucre that Maricruz was safe, Sucre called her only minutes after his conversation with Bellick.

Season 4Edit

Bellick and Sucre were at the desert. Bellick and Sucre then saw Bellick's mother who picked them up. When they were in the car, Bellick embraced her. She drove them back to the states. Bellick and Sucre then used possibly her car to go driving.

After Bellick's death, Sucre mentioned that Bellick's dead body should go to his mother. Self said it was hard to brought him away, which started in the fight between Sucre and Self. Mahone was going between the 2, and told Self that his body would go to his mother. Later, when Bellick's body came at the warehouse, Mahone gave him the police badge that was found in Bellick pocket, and Sucre told him that his mother would really appreciate it. The body of Bellick would then go to his mother. Sucre then called Edna and explained to her Brad's death.


Season 2Edit

  • Otis (First appearance)

Season 4Edit


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