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Emily Morgan
PB 0811

Current Status:   Alive
Family:   Gretchen Morgan (Mother)

General Jonathan Krantz (Father)

Lisa Tabak (Half-sister)

Rita Morgan (Aunt)
First appearance:   Blow Out
Portrayed by:   Regan Licciardello

Emily Morgan is the daughter of Gretchen Morgan and General Jonathan Krantz and younger half-sister of Lisa Tabak. She is currently under the guardianship of Gretchen's sister, Rita, who she believes to be her mother. In order to get Gretchen to find a buyer for Scylla, Donald Self orders T-Bag to take Emily and Rita hostage, although T-Bag eventually has a change of heart and lets them leave.

While Gretchen has left Emily in Rita's care, in truth she considers Emily the most important person in the world to her. Following the fall of The Company and her imprisonment, Gretchen, despite imprisonment, now hopes to see her.

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