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Erik Stammel
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Beaten to death by
Theodore Bagwell

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Brian Nicholas

Dr. Erik Stammel was a psychologist in Chicago. He was very similar to Theodore Bagwell in terms of appearance, which was what lead to his death and his identity being stolen.


Season 2Edit

T-Bag scheduled a session with Erik after seeing one of his advertisements at a bus stop. T-Bag told Erik he feels he's been a penny on the traintracks his entire life, the Union Pacific passes by every day always running him over, but he will not give up. Erik tells T-Bag the good thing about pennies is that they all have dates on them, he can choose his date - today's date to get "a fresh start, to be a new you". T-Bag laughs and said he had no intention of talking to him the moment he stepped into his room and he didn't expect Erik's therapy would be able to help him.

Puzzled, Erik asked T-Bag why would he come to therapy if he didn't want to talk, T-Bag states the fact that there is no denying they look alike, Erik agrees but still doesn't understand what it has to do with him being there.

T-Bag gets up, grabs Stammel's ornament and strikes him across the head twice, resulting in Erik's death. T-Bag leaves, consuming his identity for the time-being, now able to live in freedom with his new identity.


Season 2Edit

Theodore Bagwell as Erik Stammel

Eva Bol discovered his body, after Erik didn't show up to talk to her.[1] T-Bag used his name to go to Panama. With the cover-up, T-Bag eventually came on the plane as the same time as Bellick. T-Bag's cover was later discovered by Michael, Sucre and Bellick. T-Bag was later sent to prison.

Season 3Edit

Later, when the Sona Four were out of Sona, T-Bag was then mostly tortured. It's highly possible that the Sona guards discovered that T-Bag was under a different name (Erik Stammel) in Sona.


Season 2Edit

  • Wash (First appearance)

Expanded universeEdit


  • Erik Stammel's name is Prison Break - The Classified FBI Files as Erik Stamel.
  • Erik Stammel along with Vincent Sandinsky have both surnames who are starting with an S.
    • Coincidentally enough, both men were wearing glasses and were killed by T-Bag off-screen, although appearing right before their dead and both appeared in episode 18 of their season.

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