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Felicia Lang
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Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   Scan
Last appearance:   Free
Portrayed by:   Barbara Eve Harris

Felicia Lang is one of the FBI agents who helped Alexander Mahone with his case on the Fox River Eight.



It was known that she is under Mahone's team as she knew what happened to Mahone's previous case on Oscar Shales.

Season 2Edit

Pb lang
Felicia Lang

At first, she is assigned by Mahone to urge Kacee Franklin to betray her husband, which she was reluctant to participate in. Later, she does not hesitate in organizing a sting operation involving C-Note's wife in an attempt to capture C-Note. Unlike Agent Wheeler, Lang never verbally criticized Mahone's method. Thus, Mahone appears to trust her more and assigns her to follow Sara Tancredi, who they hope will lead them to Michael Scofield. They fail and arrest her promptly.

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

During the episode, "Killing Your Number," Lang is seen as Mahone's new romatic interest.

Prison Break: The Final BreakEdit



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