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Current Status:   Unknown
First appearance:   Selfless
Last appearance:   The Sunshine State
Portrayed by:   Graham McTavish

Ferguson is an agent of the Company first seen following the heist of Scylla.

Ferguson is last seen in the episode the Sunshine State, after which he is presumed dead.


Season 4Edit

Ferguson was first seen when Scylla was captured by Sucre, Mahone, Michael and LincolnAfter they released General Krantz, Ferguson followed the team into an airport in Los Angeles where he and several Company agents then cornered Michael and his brother. He demanded Scylla back, stating that he was willing to shoot both of them regardless of being in a public area. Michael gave Ferguson the backpack which contained Scylla, but when it was opened, the backpack merely contained a laptop computer and a book.

Ferguson later asked Krantz what he should do, only to have the general respond that he didn't know. He was also present when Krantz killed Howard Scuderi.

He was later seen standing idly next to the General within The Company headquarters and didn't make another major appearance until later on, when he acted as a bodyguard for a captive Michael. When the General decided to drug Michael, Ferguson grabbed him from behind while a company doctor was about to drug him. However, Michael rigged the water heater in the cabin to explode and held Ferguson at gunpoint, forcing him to poison Roger Knowlton.

Ferguson later followed Michael with another Company operative, until Sara Tancredi caused a collision and flipped his vehicle, most likely killing him.



  • It is widely assumed that Ferguson was killed in the crash.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The character was called Ferguson in the Press Release[1].

Notes and referencesEdit

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