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Fernando Sucre
Fernando Scure

Current Status:   Alive
Crime(s):   Aggravated robbery, escaping prison
Sentence:   5 years
Michael Scofield (Cell 40)
Tom Paxton (Cell 44)
Petey (possible)
Incarcerated in:   Fox River
Portrayed by:  
Amaury Nolasco (English)

The Fox River Seven
Michael ScofieldLincoln Burrows
Fernando SucreTheodore Bagwell
Benjamin FranklinJohn Abruzzi
Charles Westmoreland

Fernando Sucre is a character who appears in Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game). He escaped with the other members of the Fox River Seven from Fox River.



Of Puerto Rican descent, Fernando grew up in Chicago where he had several run-ins with the law. His mother sent him to live with a relative in New York City to help him out. There, he found a steady job at a warehouse and his girlfriend, Maricruz Delgado. He was sent into Fox River for robbing a liquor store. (1x1) The reason Fernando had held up a liquor store was to get enough money to pay for an engagement ring for Maricruz. His cousin Hector then tips him off to the cops, as he was also infatuated with Maricruz. (1x16)

Prison Break - The Conspiracy

Sucre was seen with Michael in Cell 40. Later Sucre was seen calling someone by Tom Paxton. Sucre was seen by Tom Paxton talking to Michael Scofield. Sucre was later brought by Brad Bellick to Tom Paxton's cell. Sucre was seen by Paxton with John Abruzzi in the prison, when they were drilling. Sucre said to Abruzzi that they could drill in a gass pipe. When John Abruzzi was attacked by T-Bag, he was brought to a helicopter by Sara. He was seen by Michael Scofield, C-Note, Sucre and Westmoreland. Sucre was seen in cell 40 with Tom Paxton. Sucre left his cell in order to keep the hole away. Sucre was then discovered by Bellick and other Correction Officers. Sucre was then seen with Scofield, T-Bag, Abruzzi, Westmoreland and C-Note. They were going via cell 40 escaping. Sucre escaped from Fox River with Michael, Westmoreland, Lincoln, T-Bag, Abruzzi and C-Note. He later becomes one of The Fox River Seven.



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