Herb Stanton

Current Status:   Deceased
First appearance:   Shut Down
Last appearance:   Deal or No Deal
Portrayed by:   Michael O'Neill

Herb Stanton was Don Self's superior at Homeland Security and Director of Los Angeles Field Office, who worked to bring down the Company.


Season 4Edit

Herb Stanton was a pessimistic Homeland Security special agent working on a top secret operation to bring down the Company, alongside Agent Self and Senator Dallow. He was Self's superior and was at first strongly against the mission. He attempted to put an end to it on several occasions, often stopped by the senator. He eventually began to trust Self and congratulated him when Self told him that Scofield had Scylla.

When Self betrayed the group and took Scylla for himself, he received a call from the rogue agent and heard Self staging his being shot by Burrows. Believing him dead by Lincoln's hand, Stanton began to hunt the brothers, though after arresting Lincoln and searching Self's computer, he soon discovered the betrayal. He and the senator forced Burrows to call Michael and ask that he bring the rest of the team in to testify against Self, in return for full immunity. When only Michael showed, Stanton and Senator Darrow decided to kill the brothers and therefore destroy all evidence of a secret operation. He sent the two men accompanying the senator and himself outside, and pulled a gun on the brothers, demanding they reveal the location of the others. Intending to shoot them both, Stanton is shot in the chest by Sooter, one of the accompanying men, who then reveals himself to be a Company agent.

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