Honus Wagner T206 is a tobacco card mentioned in the episode Tweener. The character, Tweener, has stolen this baseball card, not knowing that it cost over $1 million, thus was put in a maximum security prison.

In Real LifeEdit

The T206 Honus Wagner card has long been the most famous baseball card in existence. Known as the "Holy Grail" and the "Mona Lisa of baseball cards", an example of this card was the first baseball card to be sold for over a million dollars. Only 50 to 60 of these cards are believed to exist. One theory for the card's scarcity is that Wagner, a non-smoker, requested the production of this card be halted since it was being sold as a marketing vehicle for tobacco products. The problem with this theory is that Wagner appears on a tobacco piece produced by Recius in the late 1800s. Another theory postulates that Wagner was not offered any compensation for the use of his likeness. Consequently, he supposedly withdrew his permission to print any more copies.

The T206 Card

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