Howard Scuderi
Howard Scuderi
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The Company




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Five the Hard Way

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Deal Or No Deal

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Jude Ciccolella

Howard Scuderi was a Scylla cardholder and a high-ranking official for The Company.



Scuderi fought two wars in the Vietnam War and was injured in the process. He recived a purple heart for his efforts in the war.

Season 4Edit

Many years later, while vacationing in Las Vegas, Scuderi wasn't having any luck at a blackjack table when approached by Lincoln, who tried to copy his Scylla card. Later, Sara attempted to lure him to invite her back into his room, but he was rude to her and ignored her. A bartender told her that he was interested in men. Sucre then met Scuderi by the pool and was invited to his room for some "easy money". It turns out that Scuderi lost his reproductive organs in Vietnam and was propositioning Sucre out for his wife. While in his room, Sucre was able to copy the card's contents. He was later killed by General Krantz after saying that the General is not doing his job well.


Following his death, Lisa Tabak quit her job, which led to the escape of Michael by telling Sara where Michael was.



Scuderi's name revealed partially.
  • Howard Scuderi is the only kill which Krantz is direct responsible for.
  • Scuderi only has met Lincoln (who never looked him in the face), Sara and Sucre.
  • Scuderi is the only known character to die directly in The Company Headquarters.
  • Scuderi was likely played by an unknown actor in episode 2.
  • In the end of the episode "Safe & Sound" it was shown on a computer screen that his date of birth was 6/9/57 and that he served the marine corps in the Vietnam War between 1967-1970 and got a Purple Heart. It is obviously a blooper.
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