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James Bagwell
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Cause of death:

Shot by Maggio

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First appearance:

Odd Man Out

Last appearance:

Odd Man Out

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Other information
Portrayed by:

Larry Neumann Jr.

James Bagwell is T-Bag's cousin. He was T-Bag's "guy on the outside" who was instructed to ensure that T-Bag escaped safely along with Michael and his "crew".



Season 1Edit

T-Bag is seen talking on a phone with a man he calls "Jimmy". The conversation is rather mundane, as T-Bag inquires about James's son, James Jr., and hints about "things getting a little tense up in here" (in the prison). Abruzzi walks past and looks displeased.

The initial "breakout crew" (Michael, Lincoln, Abruzzi, Sucre, C-Note, Westmoreland) scheme to cut T-Bag from their escape. However, T-Bag suddenly interrupts them and announces that he "bought himself an insurance policy", a guy on the outside who knows about the plan and will contact the authorities in case T-Bag doesn't give him a green light before and after the escape.

Abruzzi has T-Bag's call traced and sends his henchmen to kidnap James for several days. He also ensures Lincoln that T-Bag himself will be taken care of. His henchman, Maggio, is shown arriving at James's house. Claiming to have a delivery, Maggio leads James to his van.


Maggio later calls Abruzzi and reveals that James tried to fight back, pulling a gun and using his son as a shield. Both James and James Jr. were killed in the ensuing gunfight.



  • James Bagwell resembles John Abruzzi in appearance, they both have a similair beard and hair style (though John had a haircut sometime during the second half of Season 1). Coincidentally, they both have a son.
  • James and his son both died off-screen and are the only known Bagwell family members who died and appeared in real-time.

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