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Jane Phillips
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Killed by Gretchen
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Company operative

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Bolshoi Booze

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Kristin Lehman

Jane Phillips is an Anti-Company Operative, who worked formerly for the Company. She and her team did cause a car crash so that Lincoln Burrows and L. J. Burrows were free. After they join her team, a Company operative named Leon came. Jane killed him and let go Aldo Burrows (to his son) with Lincoln (to his brother). Her fate is unknown after L. J. was captured.


Early life

Jane is a former Company operative and used to work with Aldo Burrows (Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows's father). When Aldo defected from the Company, Jane and several like minded operatives followed him and they began to work against the Company.

Season 2

When Lincoln and L. J. are apprehended by the police in Arizona, Jane and a group of rogue Company members are sent to rescue them. The rescue goes as planned, but Lincoln assumes that they're working with the Company and attacks Jane before she tells him that they were sent by his father. She takes them to a safe house where they wait for the arrival of Aldo. Jane makes the mistake of telling Lincoln that Aldo "hasn't seen Michael since he was ten" and Lincoln suspects that she is lying because he believes Michael never met their father. (Rendezvous)

When Aldo finally arrives to the safe house and explains the circumstances behind his wanting to take the Company down to Lincoln, they are attacked by Leon (agent Kim's operative). Leon attempts to kill all three Burrows and Jane shoots him in the back just as he is about to stab Lincoln with a meat cleaver. When Lincoln and Aldo prepare to leave to meet Michael, Lincoln leaves L. J. under the protection of Jane on the word of his father that she could be trusted with him. (Bolshoi Booze)

Jane never makes another appearance in the second season, but Lincoln is seen calling her when he, Michael and Sara are in search of someone they can trust to hand over the copy of the recorded conversation between Caroline Reynolds and Terrence Steadman. Jane suggests going to a man named Cooper Green. (Wash)

LJ is kidnapped by the Company in the third season, in which Jane was killed off-screen by Gretchen or by a Company man, since she started the operation of Whistler.



  • Despite appearing in only two episodes of the series, Jane is a popular character among the fandom. She is often romantically paired with Lincoln Burrows in fanfiction.
  • Jane's fate is unknown, but it's high likely that she was killed by the Company. Her death is never shown on-screen if she indeed died.
  • She could have been killed by Gretchen, since Gretchen was responsible for the exchange between LJ and Whistler. However, she could have been killed a Company operative.

Notes and references

  1. Gretchen started the whole operation around Whistler, and she tried to kill LJ as well.
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