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John Abruzzi's gang
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John Abruzzi[1]

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Prison Break

John Abruzzi's gang was a gang at Fox River. They hated Theodore Bagwell's gang.



John Abruzzi was the leader of this gang for a long time. A while later, Gus Fiorello took over this job, because of John's mistakes. John took over the job and handled the whole situation.


John Abruzzi escaped later, making Gus the leader again. John was later killed by Alexander Mahone's men.


Caught membersEdit

Picture Name Episode(s) Member history
[[File:|150px]] John Abruzzi First Down
Pb falzone Philly Falzone Sleight of Hand
[[File:|150px]] Sleight of Hand

Deceased membersEdit

Picture Name First appearance Last appearance Member history
Prison-break-john-abruzzi2 John Abruzzi
[[File:|150px]] Nick Savrinn deceased

Members with an unknown statusEdit

Picture Name First appearance Last appearance Member history
1071 Gus Fiorello

Caught peopleEdit

By membersEdit

  • Veronica Donovan

Deaths caused by John Abruzzi's gangEdit

  • 2 men
  • Nick Savrinn
  • Mr. Savrinn



  • Along with Benjamin Franklin's gang, this is one of the two groups that don't exist anymore.
    • In both groups, a member of them rejected the leader and both the leaders escaped from prison.
  • It's unknown if Gus Fiorello was still the boss. Sometimes Abruzzi in the gang and Fiorello wasn't seen anymore, meaning that either the group fell apart and chose to go their own separate ways or that Fiorello still was the boss after Abruzzi's escape.
  • The Company man Quinn appears to be aware from that Nick Savrinn didn't help Veronica Donovan. It's possible that he tracked his conversations with John Abruzzi at some point, just like he tracked Veronica, LJ and Nick himself after he killed Sebastian Balfour.
    • It's never revealed how Quinn was aware of the fact that he knew that Nick was working for Abruzzi. A theory of this, could be either that they had a man inside Abruzzi's gang, who actually was a Company operative.
      • Ironically, Tom Paxton goes undercover for Abruzzi's gang in the Game and works for the Company, making the Game semi-canon and thus possible. It's also never revealed if Abruzzi had more men working for his gang and thus non-canon character Paxton could be a member of the gang. Compared with the Prison Break timeline, Paxton went undercover before the episode, End of the Tunnel after Abruzzi's throat is slit by T-Bag and Quinn was already dead at that point. This is a plausible theory.

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