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Juan Nieves
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2005, Sona



Cause of death:

Smothered by
Theodore Bagwell

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Good Fences

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Manny Rubio

Juan Nieves is one of Lechero's men in Sona in Season 3. He is responsible for dealing drugs. Nieves is killed by T-Bag to climb up the ladder. T-Bag made it look like a drug overdose, but he really put a bag on his head and made him suffocate in one of the cells in Sona.


Season 3

T-Bag smothers Nieves to death
Nieves is smothered to death by Theodore Bagwell.


Following his death, Fernando Sucre used Kesslivol on the fence[1]. This would later made for the breakout of the Sona Four[2].

Pb 304 08
The first part of the break out plan works when Sucre put Kesslivol on the fence.
Nieves' dead body carried out by Fernando Sucre out Sona



  • Nieves along with Cheo and Papo have one or two lines in the last episode they appear in (besides Papo's body), not counting Sammy, who had at least 1 line mostly every episode of season 3.
  • Nieves along with T-Bag, Lechero, Bellick and Tyge were used for the Sona escape.
    • Nieves along with Tyge is one of the 2 characters who are used to escape for the fence (both bodies were put outside by Sucre).
      • Tyge appeared in Sona after Nieves' death.
  • Nieves has never met Sucre, Veronica, LJ, Lincoln, Gretchen, Abruzzi, C-Note, Paul, Self and Sara.
  • Nieves is the first person to be killed out of Lechero's gang by T-Bag. The second is Lechero.
  • Nieves is the second person of Lechero's gang to be killed by a main character. The first one is World, the third is Cheo, the fourth one is Sammy and the fifth one is Lechero.
  • Nieves's death is similair to death of 24 character, Robert Galvez. Both men were killed by their killers to get in a higher position (Nieves by T-Bag, Galvez by Tony).
  • Nieves's death is similair to that of Lechero. T-Bag killed both men to get in a higher position in Sona.
  • Nieves was never seen with Papo, Sammy and Cheo outside, when Lechero had things to do, or when the gang could do alone what they want. However, this is high likely during the fact that he used drugs, and was dealing with drugs, inside Sona and therefor never seen with them.
  • Nieves along with Lechero, Sancho and Marvin Gudat are the only victims killed by T-Bag, who appeared in a season premiere.
  • Nieves is the first character to be buried by Sucre. The other is Andrew Tyge. It's not known if Sucre buried more people besides them.
  • Nieves's death is also similair to Bob Hudson's death; both men talked with T-Bag prior to their death, but both men didn't listen to him, which ended in their death in prison and both men had a special rank in prison before their death.

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