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Judy Pope

Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   1x4
Last appearance:   1x5
Portrayed by:   Deanna Dunagan

Judith "Judy" Pope has been former Fox River State Penitentiary warden Henry Pope's wife for 39 years. For their anniversary and to thank her for not complaining about being married to a person who works with criminals, Henry began building a model of the Taj Mahal, and was later helped by Michael Scofield.

Judy almost discovered the Taj Mahal when she came to the prison, but Henry and Michael managed to deceive her into thinking that Henry just didn't want her around an inmate (Michael). (1x4) When Henry refused Paul Kellerman's and Daniel Hale's transfer request for Michael, they blackmailed him by threatening to tell Judy about Will becoming a criminal who eventually committed suicide: something Henry has kept away from her for a long time. He then decides not to transfer Michael and confesses everything to Judy. (1x5)



Season 1Edit



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