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Prison Break

Lechero's gang was a gang founded by Lechero, the leader of Sona Federal Penitentiary.




Active membersEdit

Picture Name First appearance Last appearance Member history
T-BagFB Theodore Bagwell

Deceased membersEdit

Picture Name First appearance Last appearance Member history
Vlcsnap-25881 World
Normal 301-451 Juan Nieves
Pb 306 01 Cheo
Papo Papo
Prison Break S03E1013 Sammy Norino
LecheroFace Lechero

Members with an unknown statusEdit

Picture Name Episode Member history
Prison Break S03E01103 Unnamed Sona Inmate (IV)
Prison-break134 Unidentified Sona Inmate (11)



  • T-Bag is the only surviving member of the gang.
  • Rarely enough, which is a blooper, Sammy was searching for new guys in Lechero's gang, who was Octavio, who he didn't know, however they were seen talking in the first episode of season 3, making him a member of Lechero's gang.
  • Mahone is indirect responsible for the deaths of all members of Lechero's gang except for World, who he killed directly.
    • Mahone needed his drugs, because of that, T-Bag did kill Juan Nieves.
    • Cheo was killed with Mahone's knife.
    • Papo died because of Mahone's escape plan.
    • Octavio, died by Bellick, and Bellick was taken by Mahone in season 2 under his orders to work for him, which ended up by him in Sona.
    • Sammy Norino died, because of the tunnel that was made by Michael, Mahone, Lechero and Whistler.
    • Lechero died, because he was running away in Michael's escape plan, but the tunnel was made by Mahone partailly, which also made Mahone very indirect responsible for his death.
  • All the named group members were killed by a main character except for Papo: World by Alexander Mahone, Nieves by Theodore Bagwell, Cheo by Lechero, Sammy by Michael Scofield and Lechero by Theodore Bagwell.

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