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Current Status:   Deceased
First appearance:   2x10
Last appearance:   2x11
Manner of Death:   Stabbed by Lincoln Burrows, then shot by Jane Phillips

Leon was an agent for the company posing as a bodyguard for Aldo Burrows. Leon was friendly to Lincoln Burrows and his son at first, but his identity was revealed after he received a call from Kim telling him to kill all three Burrows'.

Leon shot a guard at the main door twice and then killed another in the kitchen of Aldo's house. But Lincoln heard the bullet casing fall and figured out there was a traitor in the group. He attacked Leon and managed to stab him in the stomach, despite the fact he still didn't die. Just as Leon was going to kill Lincoln with a meat cleaver, he was shot in the back by the remaining bodyguard Jane.



  • He is the second person to be killed by a guest star and a main character. The first person is Lucasz Peshcopi.
  • He is the first person where LJ is present and Lincoln kills someone. The second person is a Company operative.

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