Marvin Mancia

Current Status:   Unknown
First appearance:   Breaking and Entering
Last appearance:   Breaking and Entering
Portrayed by:   (unknown actor)

Marvin Mancia was in the miltairy and around the 40 or 50 years old.



Marvin Mancia is revealed to be staff writer in a paper


Marvin Mancia became at some point a father. Marvin also had a driver license and became a staff writer at an unknown paper.

Season 4Edit

While searching for the name of Stuart Tuxhorn's driver, his name was in one of the many files searched by the Scylla Team in orders from Alexander Mahone. Later, when Sara was arrested and brought to Miami-Dade Penitentiary Women's Facility, he did write over that part.

His status is later unknown, because he was missing for unknown reasons.



Marvin Mancia
The name revealed in a prop on EBay
  • The name of the character was revealed in a prop.
  • His name appeared at the same time as Terrence Steadman's who was thought to be dead.
  • It's not known if he knows that the Scylla Team was looking through his file.
  • Despite being unaware of the fact that the Scylla Team was going possibly through his file, he was responsible for the deaths indirect of Agatha Warren and Michael Scofield. If indeed his name wasn't visible enough, he is the only character to do so.

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