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Mary Francis

Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   3x1
Last appearance:   4x1
Portrayed by:   Crystal Mantecon

Mary Francis is a Panamanian prostitute who disguised herself as a nun in order to get into Sona and provide services to Lechero. She is referred by Lechero as Mamí, Spanish slang for sexy female. (3x1)


Season 3Edit

Mary Francis is taking on her clothes, before going away with T-Bag

Mary Francis was seen by Lincoln Burrows and a Sona guard as she was going inside Sona to sleep with Lechero. Mary Francis first saw Michael, Mahone and other Sona inmates during the orientatión.

Mary then was seen by Cheo, Papo, T-Bag and Sammy, while Mary was going to have sex with Lechero. After they had sex, a sound was heard and Lechero asked T-Bag to hide Mary as far as possible. T-Bag and Mary did hide, and she said that she was scared for Lechero, but T-Bag said that they were all prostitutes.

Mary later gave money to T-Bag. Mary then told she asked if it was the truth that Lechero died. T-Bag said it was and Mary gave him money by the fence.

Season 4Edit

She makes a return



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  • It's not known how she was going into Sona, possible via a secret way, since the inmates didn't know that Lechero did got a prostitute.
  • Mary was in love with 2 main characters: T-Bag and Lechero.
    • Mary along with Sophia Lugo were in love with 2 main characters, however T-Bag was send back to prison and Lechero died.
    • Ironically enough, T-Bag killed Lechero and used her to escape from prison.
  • Mary only has met Lechero and T-Bag.

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