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Current Status:   Deceased
First appearance:   Pilot
Last appearance:   Pilot
Portrayed by:   Chelcie Ross

McMorrow was a bishop who ran a church.


Background Edit

McMorrow was born in 1943 .

Season 1Edit

He was first seen sitting inside of his church at his desk, when Paul Kellerman and Daniel Hale approached him. The two agents tried to coerce the bishop to support the death penalty (only temporarily, so that Lincoln could be executed) but he denied the proposition, despite the fact Kellerman informed him that Lincoln killed the president's brother. McMorrow ended up being killed by a unidentified Company man.



Pilot 12
McMorrow's family on a picture
  • It's not known who were on the picture, but it's highly possible that this is a family of McMorrow.
  • Bishop McMorrow was the first charter to die in Prison Break.

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