Michael Cudlitz
Biographical information

29 December 1964


Bob Hudson

Michael Cudlitz also known as Mike Cudlitz portrayed Corrections Officer Bob Hudson during season 1 of Prison Break.



Michael was born on 29 December 1964.


Personal life

Michael has been married to Rachael Cudlitz and has 2 children.


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Michael Cudlitz and Anthony Azizi did met during 3:00pm-4:00pm of 24 of season 2
  • Michael Cudlitz appeared in archive footage during season 2 episode, Fin Del Camino.
  • Michael has the same birthdate as Dylan Minnette.
  • Michael along with Michael McGrady were a regulars on Southland.
  • Michael along with Michelle Forbes, Anthony Azizi and Graham McTavish appeared in Lost, 24 and Prison Break.
    • Michael did met Anthony on 24 during season 2 of 24 .
  • Currently has a regular role as Abraham Ford in the AMC post-apocalyptic series The Walking Dead. Cudlitz joined the cast in a recurring role during the fourth season and was upgraded as a regular for the fifth season until his death in the seventh season premiere. 
  • Michael, along with Sarah Wayne Callies, both worked on the same show, The Walking Dead. However, Sarah's character died a season before Michael's character was introduced. 

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