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The gang
Michael Scofield's gang
Political information
Founding document

Michael Scofield

Societal information
Historical information
Formed from



Prison Break

Michael Scofield's gang was a gang that escaped from several prisons and escaped from the police.





Active members

Picture Name Episode(s) Season(s) Member history
Pb girl sm Sara Tancredi Season 1, 2, 4, 5
LBSeason3 Lincoln Burrows Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Img 1289659136 402 Fernando Sucre Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Agent-Mahone Alexander Mahone Season 3, 4
Cnote Benjamin Franklin Season 1, 2, 4, 5
LJ L.J. Burrows Season 1, 2, 3, 4
Sophialugo Sophia Lugo Season 3, 4

Active members (Unknown)

Picture Name Episode(s) Season(s) Member history
Paulkellerman2 Paul Kellerman 2, 4 The Killing Box until Bad Blood, Killing Your Number, Prison Break: The Final Break Paul Kellerman worked for the Congress and he helped to uncover the Company. During the movie, it's unknown if he knew that Sara escaped and if he still had contact with them at some point after the escape.
3439 Blue Philips 4 Prison Break:
The Final Break
Blue joined Michael's group when Sara was arrested for her crime, however Michael later saved her life. It's unknown if he had contact with them at some point after the escape.

Former rejected members

Picture Name Episode Member history
Vlcsnap-166749 Veronica Donovan Pilot Veronica was angry at Michael that he wanted to be placed in Fox River, where Lincoln was also placed. Veronica joined the group (although from the outside) 2 episodes later.
Normal ep204 195 John Abruzzi Pilot Michael said to John Abruzzi that he needed something, but Abruzzi wasn't happy with this and Michael was walking away. Abruzzi later left his gang, although he was from time to time with them.
Img 1289659136 402 Fernando Sucre Cell Test Sucre rejected himself from Michael's group and Sucre was temporary replaced by Charles Patoshik.
Pb girl sm Sara Tancredi Go Michael asked Sara to leave the door open, which she did for him. However, earlier she rejected herself from the plan.
Bellick-prison Brad Bellick First Down Although he rejected Bellick and Geary in First Down, they joined his group in the episode temporary.
Agent-Mahone Alexander Mahone Orientacíon Michael rejected Mahone for his father's death.
[[File:|150px]] Sophia Lugo
[[File:|150px]] Lechero

Former members

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Removed members

Picture Name Episode(s) Member history
278464550 d7a3eea3ee Nika Volek Sleight of Hand until First Down Nika joined the group, but betrayed Lincoln and Michael for the money. However, there were no bullets in the gun, so Lincoln captured the gun and Michael shared a last moment with Nika.

Temporary members

Picture Name Episode Member history
Normal ep203 100 Manche Sanchez
McGrady Luis Gallego Under and Out until
Hell Or High Water
JonathanKrantz General Jonathan
Selfless and Killing Your


Picture Name Episode Information
LJ L.J. Burrows The Art of the Deal LJ was traded for James Whistler.

Traded away

Picture Name Episode Information
Whistler James Whistler The Art of the Deal James Whistler was traded away for LJ. However, in season 4 episode Scylla, it was revealed that Gretchen and Whistler worked together and not completely for the Company.

Unofficial members

Picture Name Episode(s) Member history
Pb nick savrinn Nick Savrinn Cute Poison until By the Skin and the Teeth,
J-Cat until Go
Although Nick helped Lincoln during his trail and even had Company member Caroline Reynolds as the opposode line from himself, Nick only joined the group because he had to capture Veronica Donovan. Nick helped her a few months only to betray her later, but send a taxi so that she could be at Terrence Steadman's house in Blackfoot.
Pb hudson Bob Hudson Riots, Drills and
the Devil, Part 2
Bob did not officially joined the group, but he was hold captive and had to think about his life. Since T-Bag couldn't live with having Bob free, he killed him in cold blood so that they could escape without less problems.
Screen image 133114 Tangrin The Old Head Tangrin acted like a lawyer for Lincoln Burrows, but she did it only so that Lincoln couldn't contact his son, LJ.
Pb falzone Philly Falzone Sleight of Hand Philly met Michael in prison and asked where Otto Fibonacci was, however, John helped him and was betrayed by both Abruzzi and Michael.
Danny-mccarthy-0005 Daniel Hale End of the Tunnel Hale rejected from the Company after they couldn't capture anymore L.J. Burrows as they failed too many times and also because he had a family. Hale was killed by Kellerman, because his name was also on the list, which he attempt to give to Veronica Donovan.
Rizzo Green Rizzo Green Go Rizzo very temporary joined this gang to free Lincoln Burrows, but only to be cuffed by Theodore Bagwell.
HaywireRightBeforeDeath Charles Patoshik Go and Flight Patoshik joined the group unofficial after he discovered that Michael's group was escaping, but forced them to have him in the escape, or he would call a CO. Lincoln said it would be alright and the gang later left him in the dark.
M Roy Geary First Down
Vlcsnap-96845 Terrence Steadman John Doe
[[File:|150px]] Cameraman The Message
Pb warden pope Henry Pope Bad Blood Henry helped Michael with his plan to safe Lincoln from the Company. Henry eventually hoped later everything would be alright.
Normal 301-027 Lincoln Burrows' lawyer Orientacíon
Prison Break S03E1013 Sammy Norino Dirt Nap
Cristobal Cristobal Dirt Nap
Normal 310caps-458 Cyrus Dirt Nap
342507 Sona inmate Dirt Nap
Pb-312-6 Alphonso Gallego Hell Or High Water
PB 4x22 102 Felicia Lang
[[File:|150px]] Herb Stanton Deal Or No Deal
Prison Break 4x13 (25) Conrad Dallow Deal Or No Deal
Vlcsnap-166133 Wyatt Mathewson The Price until
Greatness Achieved
[[File:|150px]] Krantz's bodyguard Selfless
[[File:|150px]] Krantz's bodyguard Selfless
40 Ferguson Selfless
9lzkc0hbqk2kckh9 Miriam Holtz
PB416-06 Lisa Tabak The Sunshine State

Captured members

By other people

Picture Name Episode(s) Member history
[[File:|150px]] Manche Sanchez Go
Westmoreland Charles Westmoreland Flight
Vlcsnap-166749 Veronica Donovan Manhunt
Wm Michael Scofield
[[File:|150px]] Lincoln Burrows
[[File:|150px]] Nika Volek
[[File:|150px]] L.J. Burrows
Normal ep204 195 John Abruzzi First Down
[[File:|150px]] David Apolskis
[[File:|150px]] Charles Patoshik
[[File:|150px]] Benjamin Franklin
[[File:|150px]] Lechero
JW James Whistler
Rolandglenn Roland Glenn
Bellick-prison Brad Bellick
Donald self Donald Self Killing Your Number
Pb409-2 Theodore Bagwell

By members

Picture Name Episode Member history
Pb409-2 Theodore Bagwell The Bag Man T-Bag was caught by Michael and later by C-Note and Sucre in season 4.



Member activities

See also

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