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This are all the events of Michael Scofield during season 3.

Season 3Edit


When Michael comes in the courtyard of Sona, Mahone is there. They watch Sammy fighting with an inmate, who he kills. Everybody is going away and Michael is standing next to the dead body of the inmate while it's raining. Michael talks to Mahone, but Michael can't accepted that Mahone killed his father. Later Michael talks to Elliott Pike, who reveals that he should help with something, but Michael refuses. When Michael comes back, he cross the path of Tracy McGrady. He tells him about basketball, but runs away when Sammy comes. Sammy brings him, Mahone and other inmates to Lechero, the boss at Sona. Lechero reveals to Michael that he heard about the discussing between Mahone and Michael. Michael says that everything is alright. Lechero reveals that he knew Michael's history from break out at Fox River. When Michael comes back, he's in Cell 44. World attacks him from taking his drugs and Lechero reveals that he's not happy. When Michael and World are fighting, Bellick put something in their pockets. Michael attacks many times World, but don't wanna kill him. Lechero reveals that are the rules from Sona, but an inmate passed a shank, but Mahone kills World. Mahone says they are savages if they haven't rules. Later Michael is back behind the wall where he sees Lincoln and Lincoln reveals that he this time need to break out James Whistler for the Company, otherwise Sara Tancredi and L. J. Burrows would being killed.


Call WaitingEdit

Good FencesEdit


Photo FinishEdit


Bang and BurnEdit

Boxed InEdit

Dirt NapEdit

Under and OutEdit

Hell Or High WaterEdit

The Art of the DealEdit

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