Michelle Forbes
Michelle Forbes
Character 1 Samantha Brinker
Date of Birth 8 January 1965
Origin Austin, Texas, USA
IMDb profile

Michelle Forbes played Samantha Brinker during season 1 of Prison Break.



Prison Break main cast crossovers


  • Michelle along with Anthony Azizi, Michael Cudlitz and Graham McTavish played in Lost, 24 and Prison Break.
    • Michelle also saw Anthony on a picture of season 2 episode 1 of 24.
  • Michelle is 2 degrees of Joseph Will, by her meeting with Reed Diamond in Homicide: Life on Street (who did met him in 24).
    • Coicidentally, all 3 played in 24.
    • Michelle is also 2 degrees of Michael Gaston, by his meeting with Reed Diamond in The Mentalist.
  • Michelle appeared along with John Billingsley in Star Trek, True Blood, 24 and Prison Break.

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