Music plays an important role in the television show, Prison Break. Here are a list of recognizable songs that appeared in the show.

Season 1

  • Willing to Die by Black Toast Music
    • In the album: Hip Hop/Rap Disc 5 (songs)
    • Runs for: 3:06
    • Appeared in: Allen
  • This is War by Black Toast Music
    • In the album: Hip Hop/Rap Disc 5 (songs)
    • Runs for: 1:06
    • Appeared in: Allen
  • Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith
  • The Outsider by A Perfect Circle
  • Un Homme et une Femme (Instrumental) by Francis Lai
    • In the album: Un Homme et une Femme
    • Runs for: 2:43
    • Appeared in: Brother's Keeper
    • Heard when Sucre robbed the liquor shop
  • Share the Land by The Guess Who
    • In the album: Share the Land
    • Runs for: 3:54
    • Appeared in: Bluff
    • Heard on Kellerman's car stereo
  • Teardrop by Massive Attack
    • In the album: Mezzanine
    • Runs for: 5:29
    • Appeared in: Tonight

Season 2

  • Hush by Deep Purple
    • In the album: Shades of Deep Purple
    • Runs for: 4:24
    • Appeared in: Scan
    • Heard on the car stereo before the car explodes
  • Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver
    • In the album: Poems, Prayers and Promises
    • Runs for: 3:12
    • Appeared in: First Down
    • Sung by Tweener
  • Under The Milky Way by The Church
    • In the album: Starfish
    • Runs for: 4:58
    • Appeared in: Map 1213
  • Zorba (Sirtaki Original) by Mikis Theodorakis
    • In the album: Zorba the Greek
    • Runs for: 4:15
    • Appeared in: Subdivision
    • Heard when Haywire arrives at dairy shop
  • Roll On Big Mama by Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley
    • In the album: Super Hits
    • Runs for: 2:35
    • Appeared in: Dead Fall
    • Heard when T-Bag runs with the money
  • Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves
  • The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised by Johnny Paycheck
  • Give Me Just a Little More Time by Chairmen of the Board
    • In the album: Chairmen of the Board (aka Give Me Just a Little More Time)
    • Runs for: 2:45
    • Appeared in: Chicago
    • Played in the diner in which C-Note visit
  • Home by Alexi Murdoch
    • In the album: Time Without Consequence
    • Runs for: 5:50
    • Appeared in: Chicago
    • Played during Haywire's death

Season 3

  • Pas Le Temps by Faf Larage
    • In the album: Rap Stories
    • Runs for 3:30
    • Appeared in: Orientación
  • Put Em In Their Place by Mobb Deep
    • In the album: Blood Money
    • Runs for 3:56
    • Appeared in: Dirt Nap
  • Llorando by Rebekah Del Rio
    • In the album: All My Life
    • Runs for 3:32
    • Appeared in: The Art of the Deal
    • Heard at the end of the episode

Season 4

  • Believe (Moon Version) by The Bravery
  • Lay It Down Slow by Spiritualized
    • In the album: Amazing Grace
    • Runs for: 5:00
    • Appeared in: Killing Your Number
    • Played during the montage at the end of the episode.
Recurring Themes
Redemption · Music · Slangs

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