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Michael's newspaper clippings

A lot of newspapers clippings were collected by Michael Scofield, which gave information of prisoners in Fox River, Sara Tancredi, John Abruzzi and D.B. Cooper. (1x1)

Lincoln Burrows' Final Appeal DeniedEdit


Lincoln Burrows, killer of the Vice-President's brother was denied his appeal. His execution will take place as schedule.

Execution Will Proceed as Scheduled Lincoln Burrows, it seems, has finally run out of respites. The Illinois State Court of Appeals Friday rejected the convicted killer's appeal for clemency, citing a preponderance of evidence and when Judge Rockard deemed, "the sheer spite exhibited in the killing to modify a prior custody award as the target of this appeal." The plaintiff, Lincoln Burrows (Burrows), appeals probe from a Court order denying his motion to modify a joint-custody decree giving physical possession of his three children to his former wife, the defendant. Discerning no abuse of discretion in the denial of this motion, we affirm - except in regard to that portion of the order that requires Burrows to obtain professional counseling as an alternative precondition to allowing...

Michael Scofield had several newspaper cuttings on the wall of his apartment. The night before he robbed a bank to get into jail, he tore them off the wall and threw them over his balcony. (1x1)


Headlines include:

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