Here are a list of nicknames that were given to different characters or places in Prison Break.

Brad BellickEdit

  • Boss
    • "I'm just trying to fly low, avoid the radar Boss. Do my time, and get out." - Michael (1x1)

Lincoln BurrowsEdit

  • Linc
  • Linc the Sink
    • "Linc the Sink... As in he'll come at you with everything but the kitchen." - Wholesale (1x1)

Lincoln Burrows Jr.Edit

  • LJ
    • "Go home LJ, I didn't want you to see this." - Michael (1x1)

Michael ScofieldEdit

  • Fish
    • "Yo Fish. What you looking at? You look kinda pretty to be up in here, man. Fish!" - Sucre (1x1)
    • "Whatcha doing with this Fish, man?" - Wholesale (1x1)
  • Pretty
  • Snowflake
  • Mike
    • "Uncle Mike?" - LJ (1x1)

Theodore BagwellEdit

  • T-Bag
  • Sergeant Sodomy
  • Deliverance
  • Teddy

Charles WestmorelandEdit

  • D.B. Cooper
    • "He'll deny it, but he's D.B. Cooper." - Sucre (1x1)

Other CharactersEdit

Fox River State PenitentiaryEdit

  • Prisneyland
    • "Welcome to Prisneyland, Fish." - Sucre (1x1)