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Bellick kills Octavio
Bellick vs. Sammy
Cyrus, Cristobal, unidentified Sona Inmate and Sammy's death



Lechero was talking with T-Bag and talked with him about cell 44, where he should find a saw for the third escape plan.

Bellick and T-BagEdit

Following Octavio's death, T-Bag asked Bellick if he did wanna fight with Sammy, otherwise they would loose there escape plan. Bellick then asked if he could fight with Sammy on a bad way, which Sammy did accept.


Bellick, Michael, Mahone, Whistler and SammyEdit

Bellick was fighting with Sammy, however Cristobal did report that they found Scofield. While Michael, Mahone and Whistler were busy with the escape plan, they asked themself where Lechero was. Michael, Mahone and Whistler did hear screams, which did mean that there was going to be a fight going on. Mahone, Michael and Whistler were going back, but Cristobal saw them.

Cristobal followed them with Cyrus and another Sona Inmate. However, Mahone did close the door and only Michael and Mahone were safe. However, Sammy's gang could open the door and so they asked Lechero for their help. Lechero did open the door and they followed Michael and Mahone with Whistler as hostage.

Michael said that they could have the escape plan. Sammy then asked where they were. However, Sammy felt on the ground and was buried alive by Michael. Cyrus and Cristobal did then run away, but were both shot by Lechero, while Mahone did broke the neck from an unidentified Sona Inmate.



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