Pamela "Pam" Larson (previously Mahone) is Alexander Mahone's ex-wife and the mother of his son, five-year-old Cameron Mahone.

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Pam Larson



The couple dated while Pam was in college, and were married for twelve years. From Pam's perspective, the relationship was good until Alex began acting strangely around the time of his pursuit of a felon named Oscar Shales, at which point he suddenly wanted her and their son out of the house. Although divorced, it is clear that Alex is still smitten with Pam. She seemed willing to give him another chance, agreeing to travel to Colombia to meet him. This meeting never took place, as Alex was arested and incarcerated in Sona prison in Panama. In their last telephone conversation, Alex told Pam to forget he ever existed.

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Season 4

Pam gives Mahone a gun which she tells him to kill Wyatt with. However, Mahone calls her, he is torturing Wyatt and tells Wyatt to say sorry to Pam, which he does. Pam then cries at this.


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  • Pam's name when she was born was Pam Austin and revealed in Prison Break - The Classified FBI Files.
  • Unknown to Pam, she was indirect responsible for the death of Wyatt Mathewson and the deaths after Wyatt, by giving Mahone her gun, which he pointed at a man, who gave Wyatt Mathewson's phone-number.

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